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Pandya Store

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As the episode begins, a lawyer visits Dhawal and asks him to get Natasha’s signature on the documents before breaking into the Pandya store. He gives the papers and goes. Natasha hears them. Suman is delighted to meet Kanta. Kanta says a girl in our locality got married. Suman says I wasn’t invited. Kanta says Natasha got married, and you didn’t ask me. Suman says you weren’t here, forget it. Kanta says the guy is handsome, loving, and nice. Suman says yes, they love each other a lot.

Natasha is taken aback as she looks over the documents—memories from the past flood her mind. In anger, she heads towards the mirrors to shatter them. Dhawal tries to intervene, but Natasha pushes him away. As a result, she becomes hurt, and tears well up in her eyes. Dhawal immediately becomes concerned for her well-being and tends to her wound. However, Natasha’s emotions get the best of her as she grabs onto Dhawal’s collar and sobs uncontrollably. Eventually, she storms off while a worried Dhawal chases after her.

Suman expresses her desire for Chiku to be present rather than dwelling on the past, Kanta. She scolds him as he drops a packet of rice, ordering him to keep the sweets and sit down. Chiku obeys and leaves, causing Suman to lament his troublesome ways tearfully. Kanta advises her to calm down as anger is not beneficial in old age. However, Suman dismisses her due to her advanced years. Kanta then suggests inviting Dhawal for the Mu dikhai ceremony as he is charming. Suman agrees and bids Kanta farewell while Pranali, Dolly, and Hetal discuss preparations for the party.

Hetal offers to prepare the food while Dolly enjoys it. Amba agrees, suggesting they all make the food together. She added that Natasha would be happy with their teamwork. Dolly inquires about decorating the house, and Amba encourages her, suggesting that Natasha dance. However, Dolly expresses concern about Amrish’s potential anger. Amba reassures her that rules should not apply to Natasha. Unfortunately, Natasha becomes upset and runs off, leaving Dhawal frantically searching for her. Despite his worry, he hesitates to share any information with Hetal when she calls to inquire about Natasha’s whereabouts. He mentioned being unable to reach her by phone and contacted Suman for an update on her well-being.

Suman assured me that everything was fine, but what about the worker? I sent money through your supervisor. When he inquired about the money, she mentioned that Natasha had asked for it. I don’t think she told you, so please don’t mention it to her. The money was to cover the worker’s medical expenses. He promised not to say to her. But where is Natasha? She selflessly sent us money, and yet we have done nothing but disappoint her. As Natasha cries in frustration, she wonders why she continues to have such bad luck after losing everything in her childhood. She questions if her marriage and love were just a mere act and if she is genuinely wrong. Why…


Dhawal says yes, I cheated on you; this love and marriage was a lie just for the Pandya store. Natasha leaves the house. Dhawal sobs.

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