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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 21st April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Krish hugging his brothers. Suman celebrates his freedom and begins to play the dhol. As the family dances, Dhara observes from a distance. Shiva tells Shweta it’s time for her to go; Shivank looks concerned. Suman firmly states that she should leave and not come back again. Shweta says she’ll take all of her belongings with her. She asks Natasha to accompany her but the latter refuses and runs into Dhara’s arms, telling Shweta that she is bad and a thief. Finally, Shweta appeals to Chiku based on their shared lineage – tempting him with the promise of being “blood”.

He declares, “I love my family, and I’ll stay with them.” Suman’s face lights up with a smile in response. Rishita instructs Shweta to leave, but Shweta fires back, saying, “If I leave, you won’t get Natasha. Just look at Dhara; she took away my Chiku, and she might do the same with your Natasha.” Rishita asks her to leave. Dhara slaps Shweta. She says Chiku will always be mine. She knew Shweta would do something, so I decided to come here. Shweta threatens them and leaves.

Suman states that since Shweta is out of their lives, they have to find a bride for Krish. Dhara refuses to be involved and decides to leave. Rishita wonders where the suitable wife could be since Prerna isn’t present. Krish tells them he has made a grave mistake which Prerna cannot forgive. Rishita fears it was too big for any woman to ignore and Suman reassures her everything will be alright in the end. Everyone heads home, Raavi invites them all in for dinner and Shiva checks on Krish, who sadly reveals that Prerna hasn’t contacted him yet but Suman remains hopeful she will return soon.

Dhara fetches the food parcel and Gautam offers his respects as she leaves. Despite Rishita’s urging, the kids refuse to eat Daal chawal; Shiva requests Raavi to summon her husband Dev. While Suman advises them to focus on their meal, Shiva suggests that Dev has bested Gautam in being a dutiful husband. Suman snidely retorts that all of them are the same in that regard, leading Shiva to question why she didn’t arrange a marriage for him. She jokingly responds saying who would be “mad” enough to marry him while the kids tease that they will dance on his wedding day. Raavi quickly tells them to stay quiet.

Shiva says we will dance in the marriage. Dhara says I’ll reach school soon. Dhara is on her way. She sees Shweta talking to someone. Shivank is there. He hides from Dhara. Shweta and Dhara argue. You were on your deathbed, no one valued you, they don’t care about you, they are your enemies just like mine, join hands with me and we’ll take revenge on them. As Dhara holds her hand, she says, “You’re right, I have done a lot for them, but I have not received anything back”.

She hugs her and pushes her away. She says you want to know my plan; you will lose to me. Dhara and Shweta argue. She says I won’t allow Krish and Prerna to unite; I challenge you.

The precap:

The person says, “If you believe in Krish’s love, then come back home and marry him.” Prerna firmly responds, “I’m sorry, but I won’t.”

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