Anupama 16th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 16th May 2023 Written Episode on

Shahs ask Samar why he is coming and who informed him about the wedding next month. Samar informs Shahs that Anuj messaged Dimple that he will be attending their wedding with Maaya and Little Anu. Dimpy confirmed that she had taken care of her part, and Anuj, representing the bride’s family, offered to shoulder 50% of the expenses. Additionally, he committed to overseeing 50% of the wedding functions at the Kapadia residence, including the bidaai or farewell ceremony.

He asks Vanraj why he is coming, is it a joke? Samar and Toshu back him up. Leela asks Dimpy why she called Anuj. Dimpy says she told him about the wedding, he decided to come. Shahs continued to criticize her. As far as Anupama is concerned, there is the wedding, her visit to the USA, and Anuj’s visit in a month; this time, she won’t remain back for anyone and will go for herself.

A month later, Paakhi comes up with the hashtag #SAMPLE for Samar and Dimple. Samar questions if there isn’t a better hashtag, to which Toshu jokingly remarks that they are both “samples” themselves. Kinjal suggests that it’s better than another option, #DIMSAM. Samar persists in wanting to change the hashtag, but Kinjal reminds them that the wedding is just a day away, and time is running out.

A late Anupama reaches the gurukul. Gurumaa punishes her with a cane and says this is her second late arrival. Anupama apologizes. Gurumaa says she doesn’t need sorry but discipline; she already told her that she doesn’t need emotional baggage, and she can attend her son’s wedding if she wants to. According to her, Anupama is no longer her student and Nakul should cancel her contract.

Anupama awoke and discovered it was just a dream. She woke Bhairavi (who had changed greatly) up and warned her that Gurumaa would expel them if they failed to reach the gurukul in time. Urgent preparations were made; breakfast consumed rapidly, then Anupama asked Kanta where she had put her song pendrive. Samar called her and requested the three of them to alter the hashtag – it was comical, he said. Anupama knew this and was certain it was better than DIMSUM OR DIMAR. Samar reminded her of their shared obligation to attend Satyanarayan pooja that evening. Anupama agreed before informing Kanta that Anuj would be joining them at the pooja.

Leela fixes Kanhaji’s crown on Samar’s head. Kinjal says he looks very good. Toshu says he is Kanha of their house and pulls his leg. Leela says she is happy with Samar except that he didn’t bring his choice of daughter-in-law. Family members change the topic with jokes. Leela says guests will arrive tonight. Hasmukh thinks even Anuj will show up. Except for Kinjal, the family expresses displeasure with Anuj’s visit.

In Toshu’s mind, Anuj is coming to trouble Anupama once again. He fumes that Anupama did everything for Dimpy, but Dimpy is showing loyalty to Anuj instead. Kinjal asks him why he bothers. Toshu says Anuj’s presence will trouble Anupama and everyone. Kinjal remarks that Anupama and Anuj are mature individuals capable of handling their own issues, so there’s no need for him to be concerned. Toshu mentioned that he had shared something with her a few days ago but received no response. Kinjal straightforwardly states that her answer is a firm “no.”

After reaching the gurukul, Anupama sees Gurumaa scolding students as she teaches. A nightmare haunts Anupama. Gurumaaa says Anupama is 3 minutes late and tells her to get out and stand on one foot until she stops her. Anupama obeys the gurumaa. Dimpy informs Ankush that Anuj sent all the gifts, but he is staying in the hotel.

Barkha says Anuj would feel uncomfortable with Anupama’s presence, so he’s staying at a hotel. Ankush says he’ll drag him home. Barkha and Ankush urge him not to force him. He says he’ll inform Anuj about the losses they’ve made in business; they used to say they would be on the roads if Anuj returns, but he says they’ll be on the road if Anuj doesn’t come and take over the business. As he asks them to prepare for tonight’s pooja, he says.

The Gurumaa tonguelashes Anupama that she has told her not to take her family’s baggage with her. Anupama says that it’s her son’s wedding. Gurumaa talks about how families get their sons married when they don’t work or take the wrong path. She says that before she was Gurumaa’s student, she was a mother, and a mother takes care of her son. Gurumaa asks why a mother would sacrifice her career for her son if her son does not have any other relationships;

Her gurukul will not suffer because of Anupama’s personal problems, and if this happens again, she will cancel her contract. Anupama is 3 minutes late and will come 3 hours late next week. Gurumaa asks her to repeat it loudly, giving her a first and last chance. Anupama glances at her watch. Gurumaa taunts her to attend her son’s functions. Anupama invites gurumaa to her son’s wedding and says she will feel good if guruma blesses him.

The precap

In the background, Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata, Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata plays. Vanraj notices them jealously. Anupama asks Little Anu why she is acting strangely. Little Anu ignores her and walks away with her parents.

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