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Anupama written update

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Upon hearing about Guru Maa’s condition, Anupama becomes upset. Anuj offers her water and asks for an update from Nakul. Anupama reveals that Nakul has transferred the gurukul into his name and betrayed Guru Maa, despite being her adopted son. Anuj remarks on how common betrayal is. Anupama expresses her distress at seeing Guru Maa in a mentally unstable state and wandering the streets. Anuj responds saying that she is simply facing the consequences of her actions. Anupama counters by acknowledging her own mistakes, such as getting off a plane at the last minute, and suggests that she too should face consequences for her sins. She then asks Anuj to take her to the temple where she last saw Guru Maa. Upon arrival at the temple, she inquires about Guru Maa’s whereabouts.

Her shopkeeper asks if she’s talking about a mad woman. Anupama asks if he knows her. He says no, she comes daily and eats in his shop, then sits in front of the temple and blabbers something, then wanders around. She shows her Guru Maa’s photo to him and asks if she is the one. He confirms this. She gives him her number and asks him to inform her when he sees Guru Maa again. Guru Maa wanders behind her. She rushes to assist the lady. Guru Maa leaves by then.

Upon returning home, Anupama notices Anuj and Choti Anu engaging in a thoughtful act. Anuj explains that Choti Anu is making rakhis for disadvantaged children who cannot afford to buy them, and they plan on providing a lunch for these kids with the help of their friends. Anupama commends this noble gesture and praises Choti Anu. She reminisces about how she used to tie a thread rakhi to Bhavesh when they were younger, and how he would cry for a proper rakhi. Choti Anu expresses her desire to tie rakhi to Mukku aunty. However, since Mukku is unable to come, Anupama suggests she tie the rakhi to god instead. As they continue chatting, both Anupama and Anuj reflect on the significance of family.

As Romil walks by, Choti Anu invites him to join their festival celebration. However, he declines, stating that he has no sister and is not interested in such occasions. Anupama suggests that he give it a chance before deciding if he likes it or not. Anuj quickly dismisses the idea, saying it’s impossible for Romil to change his mind. Anupama agrees with Anuj and decides to challenge Romil instead. Surprisingly, Romil accepts the challenge and leaves. Observing from a distance, Anuj comments on how Anupama used reverse psychology on Romil. But she explains that sometimes it’s necessary to use such tactics with children in order for them to understand things better. Little does Romil know that this year’s rakhi festival will hold a special significance for their family.

Kavya is pampered and well taken care of by the Shahs. Kavya hugs her emotionally and cries. Anupama arrives with a cake for her and says it’s good to see her being loved by family. Leela asks if she feels pain. Hasmukh says it’s something else. As Anuj prepares for the office, he hands over cash to Ankush and asks him to meet with the bank manager, pick up some important documents, and deposit the car.

Don’t worry, Ankush says. Seeing Adhik, Anuj asks Ankush to do this task himself rather than ask someone else to do it. Then he calls Pakhi and says he has reviewed the presentation. Pakhi thanks him. Anuj informs Ankush that Anupama will meet them directly in the office, and asks Pakhi if she wants to come along. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to come alone. Anuj says they are both accompanying her.

Pakhi has requested Adhik’s assistance with this project, understanding that both he and Anupama may not be enthusiastic about it. She specifically wants Adhik to work on it due to his impressive presentation skills. Anuj inquires about Adhik’s qualifications, to which he responds that he holds an MBA in marketing. Amusedly, Anuj remarks that perhaps it should have been an MBA in manipulation instead, considering Adhik’s history of abusing his wife and manipulating her for his own gain. Barkha defends her brother and insists he is not like that. However, Anuj points out that although he may no longer be physically abusive, he is still using manipulation tactics to control his wife. He jokingly suggests the term “groovy” as a label for such behavior.

Seeing that, Romil laughs. Leela says women get mood swings during pregnancy. Kinjal says she used to get mood swings as well. Toshu says not this often. According to Anupama, Kavya is guilty of not telling Hasmukh and Leela the truth, but they can’t tolerate the truth. Leela asks Kavya what bothers her. Kavya is asked by Anupama to go to her room.


To defame Romil, Adhik steals money and hides it in Romil’s room. Kavya informs the family that her baby belongs to Anirudh and not Vanraj.


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