Suhaagan 26th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 26th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Sakshi attempting to persuade Bindiya to wear the sandals in order to make Indu happy. Bindiya agrees, stating that she would do anything for Maa ji’s happiness. As she puts on the sandals, Sakshi takes her outside and instructs her to sit. Meanwhile, Krish arrives at the scene. At the same time, Rudra tries calling Payal multiple times but gets rejected. Eventually, Payal answers and firmly tells him not to reach out again before blocking his number. Rudra considers informing Bindiya about how her sister is deceiving her. However, just as he goes to tell her, Krish changes his car tire and drives off. Payal’s mind is set on winning over Krish, so when a waiter approaches her and asks for their meal request, she requests their favorite dish as well as their favorite song to be played when Krish arrives.

Indu’s friends arrive at the house, causing Bindiya to try and stand to greet them. However, her high heels prevent her from doing so. They make snide remarks towards Bindiya, prompting Sakshi to quietly warn her not to stand up or she might fall. The guests then present shagun to Bindiya, complimenting her on her appearance and attributing it to Indu’s influence. Curious about Bindiya’s background, they inquire which village she is from. Bindiya proudly responds with Chiraiyya. Sensing an opportunity to stir up trouble, Sakshi provokes Indu by suggesting that Bindiya is avoiding their friends’ company and would have greeted them if they were Papa ji’s friends instead. Frustrated, Indu approaches Bindiya and asks if she is stuck to the chair with gum. She then requests for her sister-in-law to stand up and serve snacks to their guests.

As Bindiya attempts to remove her sandal, Sakshi stops her. Sakshi gets up and serves the drinks to the ladies. Sakshi remembers tearing the sandal heel, and sticking it with the heel. As her heel breaks, Bindiya is able to walk again. She thinks to make her fall down in front of everyone. She pushes a candle in front of Bindiya and makes her fall. The juice falls on the guest lady. Sakshi laughs. Bindiya apologizes.

Getting upset, the lady taunts Bindiya. The ladies inquire why Indu tried to make her modern when she was desi. Sakshi smiles. Indu scolds her and asks why she wore heels. Sakshi says I made her wear heels so she would look good in front of her cat friends. Indu says you kept a crown on a monkey etc. Bindiya apologizes to her. Indu refuses to forgive her and leaves. Sakshi says you couldn’t do anything well, and insulted me, so she leaves.

Sitting on the sofa, Bindiya lets out tears. She muses aloud about her constant failure to win over Maa ji’s love, despite believing in the saying that hard work leads to success. She questions herself for wearing uncomfortable heels and is interrupted by a servant who informs her of several missed calls on her phone. Bindiya wonders if something has gone wrong and decides to call Rudra. Meanwhile, Rudra plans to expose Payal and reassures Bindiya that everything is fine when she calls him. Suspicious of Payal’s intentions, Bindiya considers going directly to Kuku café where Rudra is supposed to meet with Payal.

As Payal applies make-up to her face, someone puts a hand on her shoulder. She thinks Krish came, but why didn’t they play our song? Rudra smiles seeing her. She sees him and then gets shocked. Krish and Bindiya are on their way.


Bindiya shouts Krishna ji when Krish raises his hand to beat Rudra. Krish stops and looks at Rudra.


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