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The Episode starts with Grocer asking Saavi to leave. The evils smile and rejoice to see her plight. The teacher asks all the kids to do their homework and leaves. The kids ask Payal what’s in the basket and tease her about papad. They call her Papad Wali. Payal shouts and asks them to keep quiet. Dadi tells Bindiya that Kaka didn’t hear her when she shared her doubt. She says she got only 90 Rs.

Father says Payal is sharp and will sell papads for 10 rupees each. When Payal hears the kids, she breaks the papads and throws them on the roadside. She says it’s not about 50 Rs for Bindi but about my respect for me. Rekha sees everything and is happy. According to her, the insider causes the greatest damage.

Bindiya cries as Payal hugs her and says she made 320 Rs selling papads, but someone stole it. Mama and Bua might have done this, and Dadi says they don’t feel shame about it. Madan, Phoolmati, Bhim, and Rekha arrive at the house. Madan says we are not four, but five. Bindiya asks why you ruin our work. Rekha says we are here to help you. Phoolmati asks Bhim to lower their worry. Madan asks Payal to calm down.

Dadi inquires about the reason for Madan’s presence. He responds that only Payal can give an answer. Bhim enters with a basket of papads. Bindiya questions Payal about her anxious state, to which Rekha adds that Payal is afraid of her. Phoolmati chimes in and throws the crushed papads onto the ground. Payal eventually confesses to Bindiya, explaining that she was mocked by everyone as “Payal papad wali,” leading her to crush and throw them. This brings tears to Bindiya’s eyes. Madan, Rekha, and Phoolmati continue to portray Payal negatively, labeling her as Bindiya’s enemy. However, Bindiya stands firm in defending her sister and declares that she cannot be her foe. This prompts Madan to slyly remark to Dadi about Payal being deceitful like a snake hidden in Bindiya’s sleeve.

Dadi confronts Payal, who admits feeling ashamed to sell Papads. She also mentions how living in the city spared her from being called “Papad wali.” Rekha acknowledges that she was not as clever as Payal in childhood, while Phoolmati quips that she is still not clever. Madan chimes in, saying Bindiya cannot earn 600 Rs., prompting Bhim to stand up for her and advise against underestimating her. Bindiya then clarifies to Dadi that she is not upset with Payal for asking her to sell Papad without considering her wishes. She reiterates that it is her personal challenge and she does not want to drag Payal into it. Instead, she plans to go to Belapur to make money.

When Bindiya comes to Payal, she acts as if she does not want to eat. Bindiya asks her to eat. Payal says Dadi scolded me a lot, but you did not scold her when someone got the papads wet. She says we don’t have the right to scold her. She apologizes to her and asks her to have the food. Payal hugs her. Bindiya tells her how to go to Belapur.

Phoolmati, Bhim, Madan, and Rekha decided to tail Payal and Bindiya as they left the house. They couldn’t comprehend why Bindiya was so quick to forgive her sister. Curiosity got the best of them, and they stealthily followed Payal and Bindiya, wondering why the two were simply strolling.

Their pursuit led them to a chance encounter with Manu, who was accompanying Payal. In a quick introduction, Payal introduced Phoolmati, Bhim, Madan, and Rekha as her relatives, referring to them as her Bua (aunt), Mama (uncle), and so on. The group’s collective bewilderment grew as they continued to tail Payal and Bindiya.

As the tension escalated, Rekha made an attempt to frighten Payal, demanding to know the whereabouts of Bindiya. Their commotion attracted the attention of onlookers, and a small crowd began to gather around them.

In the midst of the confusion, Madan and a few others took the opportunity to make a hasty escape from the scene. Left without any answers, Bindiya decided to search for employment in the city, embarking on a new chapter in her life.


Bindiya gets acting work and is asked to beg with other children after Madan, Phoolmati, and others kidnap Payal and put her in the car.

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