Pandya Store 25th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Gautam’s behavior incites anger in Suman, who responds with a slap. Shiva notices her fury and astutely points out that they should be looking for Dhara instead. Shweta is suspicious of something, while Prerna’s mother stands firm about leaving the menu unchanged. Krish inquires after Dev’s whereabouts while Rishita informs them he left to receive a certificate. After Shiva gets into an argument with Raavi asking of her husband, Prerna attempts to reach an amicable compromise. Dhara sees Shweta, causing her to immediately hide beneath a table, panicking as to why she was there in the first place and whether she suspects anything. In his desperation, Krish proposes fasting if his marriage were to fail; accompanying him, Prerna joins him too only for Suman to reprimand him harshly. Shiva sends a text message to Dhara asking for help, which she gives effort in replying back promptly.

Raavi put forth the idea of segregating the vegetarian and non-vegetarian counters, prompting Suman to question, “Did anyone seek your opinion?” Shiva concurred with her proposal for once, nodding in agreement, and Dhara seconded the suggestion. Gautam declared that his Dhara can never be wrong while Suman rolled her eyes. He asked her to consent, to which she complied. Krish embraced Shiva and Raavi for coming up with such a great concept. The waiters raised the table and were leaving when they noticed Dhara hiding there; she pretended not to be seen, questioning what Shweta was doing here dressed as a mehndi artist. Gautam requestioned his mother which she then allowed. Krish hugged Shiva again before Raavi happily declared her excitement of making videos for her followers; Suman commented on how much of a social butterfly she is! Rishita added that everyone needs to get into the spirit of Krish’s wedding, which Suman gave them permission to do so long as duties were fulfilled first. Both girls went off in search of mehndi designs as the others discussed further plans.

Prerna and Krishna are waiting for mehndi. Shweta asks them to concentrate. She applies mehndi to them. Dev joins them for photos. In Ishq tera tadpaave, Gautam, Dev and Mahesh dance… She looks for Shweta. She says she will do something. She sees Shweta. Raavi and Rishita stand by the food counters outdoors. They display the vegetarian and non-vegetarian signs, but there’s a noticeable alteration.

The two have a talk. Rishita says we will go dancing. Suman asks who will check the counters. Rishita says we handled it well, so now I’m going to dance. She dances on Lo chali mai… Plays… She gets emotional and runs to hug Krish.

Krish and Shweta see their mehndi as Shivank gets the money. The man says you called me. A girl spots Shivank and exclaims, “Hey, you!”


Falguni Pathak, the queen of Garba, is coming, according to Rishita.


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