Anupama 20th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama’s 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maaya urged Anuj to move in with her family, hoping it would help him let go of Anupama’s memories and create new ones. Despite his nervousness, he refused. She watched on as Hasmukh approached him. He inquired if all was well, and Anuj merely nodded. Hasmukh then requested they both have a chat; Barkha asked Maaya why Hasmukh needed to speak with him and hoped that Anuj would not reveal their secret. He suggested Anuj tell him whatever he was reluctant to disclose to Anupama.

Anuj expresses to Hasmukh that the latter knows what is true. In response, Hasmukh remarks that he would have looked Anuj in the eye and asked him directly if this was so. Anuj simply replies that he has nothing to say. Undaunted, Hasmukh presses on with his enquiries; asking how Maaya is connected to Anuj; why she carried out pooja with him and made decisions for him as well as discussing erasing Anupama’s memories. He adds that he believes it’s his right to question these matters. To this, Anuj responds that many questions are better left unanswered. After attempting to walk away, Hasmukh is stopped by Anuj who pleads for his son’s forgiveness if possible; an appeal which goes unheard as Hasmukh continues on his way. This conversation between them is heard by Anupama who becomes aware of the worry plauging her father.

During the party, Meenu, Little Anu, and Bhairavi discuss that the elders don’t plan any themes, so they will wear similar hairstyles and jewelry. Anupama brings every helpless girl home unnecessarily, Leela thinks. Little Anu asks Bhairavi if she lives with Anupama. Bhairavi goes to get her water. Maaya asks Leela to give her any work to do.

Then Leela warns her not to be rude to her because she is from the girl’s side. Maaya grins as she sees Anupama standing silently. Hasmukh asks Barkha if she has made any decisions, as they might run into trouble if Anuj checks company accounts. They don’t need to worry; Barkha says Anuj will leave after marriage. Everyone here is playing a game and waiting for someone else to act.

Seeing Vanraj sad, Leela tells him not to worry, as Anuj and Anupama won’t meet and Maaya has already taken over Anuj’s life and won’t be leaving him easily. She states that she didn’t have a liking for Dimpy before and now feels the same about her pre-made parents. Dolly says Dimpy is too much. Leela asks what Dimpy Dragon has done. Dolly says she has a daughter in law of her nature this time; if Leela is a chilli, Dimpy is like a whole spice box.

Despite the fact that Dimpy is still a child, Hasmukh says he will learn slowly. Leela says they will forget their manners if they try to get closer to her. Vanraj sees Anuj walking behind Anupama and feels jealous. Anupama tells Anuj she knows he will come to talk to her. In the background, Tu Meri Zindagi Hai… plays. Anuj walks toward her. When Maaya doesn’t see Anuj and Anupama around, she fears if they are together.

He tells Anupama he’s happy that she’s going to America and fulfilling her dream. In her heart, Anupama recites a poem. Maaya searches for them. Vanraj thinks it’s been so long that they haven’t been seen. As soon as Anuj tells Anupama he wants to tell her something… Anupama asks what… Maaya walks up to him and takes him out as though he is having an anxiety attack.


They both hug when Anupama meets Anuj in a market and asks what he wants to say. Anuj describes what happened after he left Mumbai to meet him.

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