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Vanraj expressed to Kavya that he loves her deeply, and doesn’t want their progress to be hindered by outside influences. He requested some time to sort out his feelings. Kavya acknowledged that she may have pushed him too much. Vanraj apologized for leading her on and then ending things abruptly. Kavya asked if she should leave, but Vanraj explained that he didn’t want to be alone in this tumultuous situation, although he understood if she couldn’t stay either. Romil questioned everyone’s doubts about him.

Adhik voices his doubts about the situation and suggests that someone could check in my room, then proceed to check Romil’s room. Romil states that they are welcome to search his room. Anupama proposes that they search without any accusations. Kavya considers calling Anupama but is hesitant as she does not want to trouble her. Spotting Babu ji, she requests for a brief conversation and acknowledges that he is upset with her. Babu ji reminds her that it is within our control to make mistakes or not. Kavya confesses to making a mistake but loves Vanraj deeply. Babu ji advises against discussing it but mentions that Kavya can stay if she wishes to do so.

Baa accidentally breaks a tea cup and scolds Kavya, telling her to go to her room and not upset her. Kavya tearfully begs Baa not to be angry with her. Baa questions if Kavya considered others’ feelings when she made this mistake. To calm the situation, Kinjal intervenes and Baa leaves. Kavya pleads with Kinjal to ask Baa for forgiveness, believing that she will grant it if Kinjal requests. However, Kinjal reminds Kavya that Baa’s anger is understandable. Feeling hurt and rejected, Kavya wonders what she should do now.

People are looking for money. Ankush asks Barkha if she really wants the money? Barkha says I didn’t keep the money here, or nobody has come here. She asks if he spent it? Ankush says I spend money of my own, and Anuj pays me enough salary to cover my expenses. Barkha thinks you’ll get it right.

Kinjal asks Kavya not to cry. Kavya says everything is slipping from her hands. Kinjal says you are responsible for your condition, and says you did the same thing with Papa as Toshu did with me. She asks her to apologize, but not demand forgiveness, and if you don’t get it, think that you got punished for what you asked for punishment. As Kavya said, I won’t demand forgiveness ever, but I will always hope for it.

Adhik informs Romil that he cannot enter the room, but he would like to inspect it. Romil refuses to grant permission. Pakhi arrives at the scene and Adhik asks for her approval to search the room. However, Romil insists on searching Adhik’s room instead. Adhik encourages him to carry out the search and Romil accuses Adhik of being dishonest. Pakhi reminds Romil to be respectful in his words. Romil persists in calling Adhik an abuser and Ankush intervenes, stopping him. Barkha points out that Adhik has been staying there for a while without any theft occurring. Still, Romil insists on checking Adhik’s room personally.

While Barkha checks Romil’s room, he does the same to Adhik’s. However, Barkha injures herself and takes a seat. Shortly after, Romil exits Adhik’s room. Upon seeing him, Adhik inquires about the money. He then proceeds to remind Romil that his arrogant behavior resembles that of a thief who has yet to be caught. Anupama interjects and urges them to keep their voices down. Romil dismissively states that they won’t find anything incriminating. However, Pakhi enters the scene and reveals she found a briefcase in Romil’s room. In response, Romil denies taking any money and questions how it could have ended up in his room. He even goes as far as accusing Pakhi of planting it there with her abusive husband. Displeased with his accusations, Barkha points her finger at him and makes snide remarks about his upbringing.

Ankush reminds Romil that he can always ask for money if he needs it. Romil denies stealing the money. Adhik suggests that perhaps the money simply played a game of hide and seek in Romil’s room. Romil insists he didn’t take it. Barkha and Adhik both urge him to apologize. When Adhik asks him to do so, Romil responds by sarcastically asking if he should apologize like Adhik did in front of Pakhi. He stands firm and refuses to apologize, convinced that Adhik is trying to frame him by hiding money in his room. Pakhi defends her brother and claims that Adhik would never do something like that. However, Romil maintains his belief that Adhik and his sisters have been plotting against him for some time, falsely accusing him in order to get rid of him from their home.

When I arrived to retrieve my iPad, they seemed agitated and spoke as if it concerned me. They both admitted to being involved in this scheme. Barkha urged him to cease his senseless talk. He reassured Anupama that had he taken the money, he would have made off with it instead of bringing it here. Adhik declared that neither my sister nor I are thieves. Anuj remarked that this is why no funds were stolen from my office while I was away. Romil suggested that a man capable of abusing his wife and committing fraud is capable of anything. Ankush reminded us that children can easily be distracted by money. Pakhi pleaded for him not to accuse her husband.

Romil insists that he is innocent and claims that it was your husband and his sister who stole the money. Adhik refutes this claim and urges Romil not to involve his sister in the situation. Romil persists, stating that Adhik’s sister always supports him, even when he mistreats Pakhi, and suggests that any wrongdoing in the house must be attributed to them. Barkha informs Ankush that Romil has accused his wife of being a thief. In response, Ankush reveals that his wife had previously accused Romil of theft as well. The two engage in a heated argument. Anupama interjects, asking Anuj to calm down. Anuj finally reaches his limit and takes action, handing out showpieces for them to hit each other with and warning that he will bring out a gun if they don’t confess who stole the money. Ignoring their protests of innocence, Romil insists on going to jail if they refuse to believe him. Fed up with the chaos, Anuj declares that enough is enough.

Romil claims that being in jail would be preferable to staying in this house since they wouldn’t have to see each other. He reminds them that their secrets are no secret and yet they continue living under the same roof. Romil believes that individuals like them will continue to haunt them, even in death. Barkha attempts to silence him but he challenges her, questioning if she’s worried about her own truth being exposed. Ankush intervenes, striking Romil and expressing his disappointment in his son. He confesses that he had hoped to guide, protect, and educate him as any father would but now feels ashamed of him. Ankush urges Romil to come clean about the money theft. Romil finally reveals the truth, denying any involvement in stealing the money.

Anupama urges Ankush to resolve the issue, while Barkha apologizes to Anuj. She mentions that if Adhik had committed the act, he would have been reported to the authorities for punishment. Adhik intervenes by suggesting to drop the matter. Anupama inquires about what Barkha wants, emphasizing that involving the police would lead to fingerprinting and potentially damaging consequences. Adhik expresses his concern for the family’s reputation and advises against calling the police. Barkha commends Adhik’s understanding and decision to let go of the issue. Anuj expresses his frustration, stating that his patience has been tested repeatedly and warns them not to cross a line again.


Anupama warns Adhik that his deceitful actions can deceive her daughter, but not her. Pakhi defends Adhik and urges Anupama to stop. Anupama criticizes Pakhi for speaking out of turn and staying quiet when needed. Pakhi reminds Anupama that they are happy together and questions why she is trying to tear them apart. She warns Anupama to stay out of her marriage or she will regret it.

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