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The Episode kicks off with Baldev expressing his desire to have Payal married during the upcoming Teej festival. Bindiya, understanding his sentiment, asserts that she also values his emotions greatly. However, she reveals her own wish to personally handle Payal’s marriage arrangements, as it is her dream. “After all, this is our home,” Baldev acknowledges, urging Bindiya to carry out the marriage proceedings from there. Bindiya firmly declares her decision to refrain from seeking any external help and mentions Dadi’s recommendation of consulting Pandit ji for an auspicious wedding date. She plans on inviting Rudra’s family and informing Dadi about the upcoming ceremony at their house. Meanwhile, Krish contemplates having a conversation with Payal regarding this matter.

Phoolmati informs Amma that everything is happening rapidly. Dadi expresses her inability to handle Payal any longer and shares her satisfaction with the current alliance. She believes that the ongoing events are beneficial. Rudra enters Payal’s room through the window and she promptly shuts the door and window. Confused, Payal questions his presence there. Rudra reveals that the groom will not show up for their wedding. In response, Payal inquires about his reasons. Suspicious of her, Rudra demands payment for staging this drama. Worried, Payal wonders where she will obtain the money from. However, their conversation is interrupted by Krish who knocks on the door and asks Payal to open it.

Payal tells Rudra to hide in the almira if he wants money. He complies by concealing himself inside. As Payal opens the door, Krish enters and shuts it behind him. Bindiya has made all the arrangements, but she realizes she forgot to check the size of the blouse. Krish questions Payal about why she is marrying the “nautanki” (drama queen), and wonders if she has forgotten his love so easily. Payal reminds him that she feels pain seeing him married and now they are sister-in-law. Rudra watches them silently. Payal explains that he cannot move on until she gets married and adds that although she will spend her life with Rudra, there will always be regret that her love remains unfulfilled. Krish vows not to let her make this sacrifice again, leaving Rudra stunned by their conversation.

Bindiya raps on the door, beckoning Payal to open it. Krish suggests they unlock the door, along with their concealed secrets. Payal refuses. Determined to expose the truth, Krish threatens to reveal everything. In a desperate move, Payal brandishes a sharp object against her own neck, leaving Rudra stunned and Krish taken aback by her drastic actions. When Krish attempts to seek refuge in the same closet where Rudra is hiding, Payal redirects him under the bed instead. As Payal opens the door for Bindiya’s arrival, she pretends to be conversing with Rudra via video call. Krish inwardly shakes his head at her lies while Bindiya instructs Payal to try on a blouse for the wedding festivities. Dismissing Bindiya’s request for now, Payal promises to do so at a later time.

Bindiya suggests keeping the item in the almira, but Payal interrupts and suggests placing it on the bed instead. Bindiya then comments on Payal’s moodiness before advising her on how to maintain a healthy relationship with her husband. She urges Payal to support her husband and treat him as though he is God, similar to her own relationship with Krishna ji. After Bindiya leaves, Krish expresses regret for mistreating her. Payal takes responsibility and advises him to leave. Rudra observes their interaction and notes that Payal is a skilled manipulator who wants to become the sole ruler of the mansion. He believes this is unfair and confronts Krish before asking for 15 lakhs instead of just 15000 Rs. This shocks Payal.

Indu and Sakshi enter Bindiya’s room. Indu presents a piece of jewelry to Bindiya, explaining that it is to uphold the honor of the household. She then suggests that Bindiya wear it for Teej the next day. Grateful, Bindiya thanks her. Sakshi then asks Bindiya if she desires to purchase the jewelry, reminding her that it would require selling her farm. She also mentions how fortunate Bindiya is to have Mummy ji as her mother-in-law. Indu adds that the jewelry has been passed down through generations and advises Bindiya to wear it and keep it safe. With determination, Sakshi thinks she will outdo Bindiya. Wondering about Nidhi, Bindiya inquires with Indu who remarks that Nidhi will celebrate Teej at her marital home, making a dig at Bindiya before leaving with Sakshi. Payal overhears Rudra demanding 15 lakhs from someone before noon or else he will expose them.

Payal and Rudra have differing views on the consequences of their actions. While Payal acknowledges that blackmailing is against the law, Rudra believes deceiving one’s own sister is immoral. However, Payal remains unbothered by her actions and justifies them by stating her desire for Krish, his fortune, and the admiration of others. She sees it as an opportunity to appear virtuous in everyone’s eyes and avoid being labeled as selfish or disliked. Payal asks Rudra to make preparations for tomorrow’s event where Krish will marry her instead of Bindiya, solidifying her facade as a selfless sister.


Indu’s ancestral necklace is missing after Bindiya applies haldi to Payal and says you will receive everything.

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