Suhaagan 14th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Payal’s Nightmares Alarm Krishna


Suhaagan 14th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

Payal is livid after discovering the plot between Amma and Bindiya. Baldev urges Krishna to intervene before he takes matters into his own hands. Payal’s anger reaches a boiling point when Baldev defends Bindiya. Meanwhile, Amma appears frail and unwell. Baldev kindly encourages her to take a seat. Amma seems distraught over Payal’s strange behavior. Krishna, Baldev, and Sakshi plead with Ammaji to calm down, but Payal refuses to back down from her accusations. Indu sternly tells Krishna to escort Payal indoors, and he follows his mother’s orders. Bindiya also assists Amma inside.

Upon entering the room, Krishna searched the entire room for the snake but couldn’t find it. Krishna assures Payal that nothing may harm them. Payal cools herself off and hits the hack. Krishna assures her that he will sit next to her like a guard. She falls asleep, hugging Krishna.

When Bindiya brings Amma inside, she takes care of her. She feels sorry for Payal, but Amma consoles her. She seems satisfied with the punishment given to Payal. Since Payal always takes revenge on Bindiya, they should show their limitations. Krishna suffers from anxiety if Payal is unhappy. Bindiya knows that.

Amma shows Bindiya hope that she will surely get justice one day and asks her to stop crying. Payal starts freaking out in the middle of the night. She screams and asks Krishna to save her since she hears some fluttering noises and feels someone is there inside the room. Krishna looks at a magazine and tells her the sound is coming from the fluttering pages. Krishna calms her down and asks what’s wrong with her; she is always so scared.

He expresses concerns that she may be losing her sanity while she reassures him that she is completely fine and suggests they go to bed. Later, as they drift off to sleep, she awakens to the sound of dripping water from the bathroom. She grabs a nearby flower vase and heads to investigate. Her eyes closed, she motions as if hitting someone before realizing no one is there. She turns off the tap, causing the noise, and returns to bed. Feeling overwhelmed with stress for no apparent reason, she resorts to watching online videos to distract herself.

At night, when Payal sleeps again, she dreams of Bindiya silently entering her room. As she sits behind Payal, she grabs a pillow and tries to choke her. She starts screaming and asks not to kill her and throws her hands and feet fast. Krishna comes to the rescue and calms her down after hearing this noise. He tells her it was just a nightmare and asks her to go back to sleep.

The following day, Amma tells everyone about her plans for Mahakar Sankranti. Vikram and Sakshi get annoyed. Krishna wakes up to Payal sitting in her bed, looking tense and moving like a fanatic.

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