Jhanak 11th February 2024 Written Episode | Jhanak’s Desperate Prayer for Anirudh

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As the Episode begins, the doctor urges everyone to pray for Anirudh’s recovery. Arshi immediately expresses her intention to visit the temple and confidently reassures Anirudh that it will be all right. Shrishti decides to accompany her. Arshi insists on performing a puja for his well-being. Jhanak also desires to pray for him, and Chotan offers to take her to the temple of Bholenath, whom she trusts will protect Anirudh just as he has always protected her. With tears streaming down her face, Arshi mournfully bids goodbye as they all make their way towards the Shiv temple, with Shrishti urging the driver to drive faster.

Anirudh feels breathless. Everyone prays for him. Appu says, “Please come back, Anirudh.” She cries, telling her it’s because Jhanak isn’t here, so call her. Anjana says don’t use her name again, Dadi watches. Arshi and Shrishti pray at the temple. Jhanak prays at the temple. Chotan goes to get the puja plate. Arshi turns and doesn’t see them. Shrishti asks Arshi to come. Arshi says I felt I saw Chotan.

He might have come for Anirudh, Shrishti says. Pandit asks Jhanak what’s wrong. Jhanak recalls Anirudh, someone who is very ill. Pandit asks who he is if he is your husband, and what his name is. She says Anirudh Bose. Arshi and Shrishti explain Anirudh to the pandit. When the pandit asks Jhanak her name, she answers Jhanak. During the puja, he says everything will be fine, and she asks if he will be okay.

The man assures them that having faith in Bholenath will bring a positive outcome. Arshi inquires about Anirudh’s recovery, and the man responds confidently, reminding them to maintain their trust. Both Arshi and Jhanak pray for Anirudh’s well-being. The man instructs Arshi to place a flower on Anirudh’s forehead while praying to Matarani. He then asks for Dakshina from Jhanak, which Chotan provides. Grateful, Jhanak thanked him while Shrishti handed the money to the man. He then tells Chotan to take the flower but changes his mind, saying that Jhanak must do it when her husband is cured and brings him back. Agreeing with a nod, Jhanak departs from there. The man also directs Arshi to leave, assuring her that her marriage will be blessed and she should return with her husband once he is strong again. With joy on her face, Arshi smiles and takes her leave.

They leave. Shrishti thanks him. Arshi stops. Shrishti asks her just to come. Chotan and Jhanak are on their way. Jhanak asks how I will take this flower to Anirudh. As it concerns Anirudh’s life, he says we have to take care of it somehow. Don’t worry, I’m with you, we’ll go back through the back door. Doctors check Anirudh. Lal says we have arranged the blood. Shubh thinks it won’t be needed. Lal asks what you are saying. Shubh signs no. Lal shouts.

She says I will be allowed to leave the hospital if I touch the flower on Anirudh’s forehead. Chotan says it doesn’t matter; we’ll hear the scolding. Will you bear this storm for Anirudh’s sake? She says yes. He says he knows everything; Anirudh has told me everything. Jhanak asks what. He says whatever happened with you both, I know the truth. She is shocked by what he has said.

He thanks Jhanak for taking the risk to save Anirudh. She expresses her gratitude and acknowledges his efforts. He reminds her that they must take action to achieve their goal. She agrees and states that Anirudh must survive for the sake of all of them. Tears fall from her eyes as she becomes emotional. He questions why she is crying and encourages her to believe in her puja. They enter the room together with determination. The nurse sadly informs them that there has been no improvement in Anirudh’s condition, and the doctors have done everything they can. Chotan shares that Jhanak has performed a special puja for Anirudh, and the pandit has declared that if a particular flower touches his forehead, he will recover. However, he is not allowed to enter the room. He pleads with the nurse, who finally gives in and lets them inside. Jhanak’s tears continue to flow as they enter the room.


A nurse tells Jhanak he will be fine, miracles happen, love magic works. Jhanak cries and touches the flower to Anirudh’s forehead. Arshi asks what she is doing.

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