Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2024 Written Episode: Poisonous Plot Unfolds!

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The episode commences with Ashok requesting the Chef increase the almond amount in the dish. The Chef declines, prompting Divya to reveal that Prachi and Poorvi were behind the preparation of two items. While Monisha lurks outside, intending to sabotage the dishes created by Poorvi and Prachi. Vishaka then questions Ashok’s cooking knowledge, to which he responds by asking who taught Divya how to make tea. Divya credits her mother for that and explains that Ashok instructed her to select the proper tea dust. Meanwhile, the Chef realizes he forgot to add Kesar and leaves to retrieve it while Monisha eagerly awaits Vishaka’s departure.

Vaishali takes Tashu to the room when she says she will give her tissue paper. Tashu takes the tissue paper when Vaishaka gets a call. Monisha poisons the starters. Tashu thinks she will take the tissue paper. Vaishali tries to provoke her against Prachi and her family, telling her that the mandap was quickly destroyed. It is Tashu’s thanks to Prachi that she saved her life. Prachi is like a sister to her; she loves the whole family, including her daughter.

In response, she tells KK that Poorvi saved the people caught in a pandal fire. Vaishali says everyone helps their family. Tashu says her family wasn’t there, and she’s a pure soul and selfless. Prachi arrives. Vaishali asks them to talk and leaves. Prachi asks if she’s okay and says she’ll bring her another dupatta.

Poorvi asks RV what happened. Poorvi asks who told you you danced well. RV asks what would happen if she got hurt. Poorvi says she will settle the score with him later. RV says he heard. Vaishali searches for a way out. Monisha arrives. Poorvi was praised by Tashu as if she were her daughter and was called great for saving someone from a fire. Whenever people die after eating spiked food, Tashu will scold Poorvi, according to Monisha.

Upon arriving, Harleen immediately reprimands Vaishali for spending time with Monisha and urges her to aid Tashu. She reminds Vaishali that Prachi is their relative and that they must support her to maintain a good reputation in society. Without hesitation, Vaishali goes to help Tashu. Monisha argues that she isn’t doing anything wrong. Meanwhile, Dadu summons Harman and Jaswant and implores them to resolve their conflict. Jaswant retorts by asking if they aren’t his children and what right he has to tell them what to do. Dadu pleads with them not to escalate the situation further. Just then, Poorvi arrives at the scene. Seeing their daughter, Harman and Jaswant, feel grateful to have such loving parents. Dadu requests Poorvi to bring him something to eat to break the tension. She mentions preparing Paneer with Maa (their mother) and a strawberry smoothie. Dadi interjects, saying they can have it later as preparations for the mandap are ongoing.

Amar Dayal’s guards are asked to come inside. One of them messages Amar Dayal to save him. Gajendra’s wife asks him to meet Renu. Amar Dayal comes there and asks the guards to do the work in the office. RV sees Monisha and goes to him. RV asks why she got jealous and caused Poorvi to fall. He says he has nothing to do with her.

As Prachi sets Tashu’s bindi, she tells her she feels safe with her because she knows she will care for her like her own. Tashu says she feels safe with her. Prachi says she has to go home and bring the chunari, saying this wouldn’t have happened if she had brought it along with the holy thread. Tashu says you are acting as if I will suffer. She asks Prachi to bring it. On her way, Prachi meets the guards.

When Amar Dayal calls the guards over, they ask him to hire professional kidnappers, but the guard says they don’t have much time, so he lets them kidnap her, change clothes, and disguise. Gajendra tells Amar Dayal that he knows what he is doing. He tells me his friend, who is in the Narcotics department, asked me why I called you and said once I am in power, I will stop all your illegal activities.

Amar Dayal is insulted and leaves. Gajendra tells his wife that Amar Dayal is a drug dealer, and I cannot bear his wrongdoings. Beeji slips, and Poorvi holds her. Poorvi twists her foot. Harleen comes and scolds Poorvi.


Poorvi tells R that the last time he filled her maang to help her, it was the worst. Harman asks Harleen what Poorvi’s fault is. Harleen says it was RV’s fault. As she is also responsible for this situation, Monisha tells Deepika that she will also be responsible if a member of the family eats the food and dies.

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