Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

There is a decoration going on in the haveli, but Prachi and Ranbir do not see it. Another goon takes Laali and Bindi’s mother somewhere else in the haveli. Prachi sits. Ranbir stands, he is not a guest and will stand. Veera shouts asking him to sit. Ranbir sits and asks him to let him go.

Ranbir ties her hands and feet and asks shall I leave. Veera says I’ll show you what a villain does. Prachi says no. Veera asks Ranbir to tie her hands and feet. Ranbir ties her and asks shall I leave? A goon takes the girls to a room where Khushi is already there. He asks Kalu to tie his hands and feet. He tells them not to think about eloping.

After Kaatiyani gives them the clothes, he threatens them and leaves. Khushi asks the girls why they are here if they are also kidnapped. Khushi asks why he asked to change clothes. The girl tells him that they were going to sell us to the rich. Ranbir gets teary eyes and asks why this is happening. Willson welcomes the customers and assures them they can conduct their business peacefully without any hassles. He asks them to sit.

Ranbir says I have promised Khushi that I will not let anything happen to her, she doesn’t need to get scared. Now I don’t know how she is, I shouldn’t have left her with Balbira and Laali. According to him, I couldn’t take care of Khushi. He says God snatched Panchi from us but gave us Khushi. He says Khushi called and asked me to save her because she trusted me, but she might be waiting for me, thinking Shiv will come and save her. Prachi asks him not to cry.

If you get emotional, Prachi asks if we will get Khushi and says you are not alone, even I wasn’t able to care for her. Khushi calls us Shiv and Parvati, so we won’t accept defeat and will try to do something. She says we couldn’t save Panchi because we weren’t together. Prachi says now we are together for Khushi and will save our Khushi. Ranbir says yes and asks her to open the rope.

Finally, he frees Prachi’s hands and feet. He says we finally came out, but there is no way out. A decorated hall and many men are there. Prachi says it’s the same place we were held captive. Prachi says we should take someone’s help. Ranbir says we shall go silently, taking advantage of the crowd. Seeing Balbira, he pulls Prachi. Prachi falls on Ranbir. Balbira, Willson, and others hear the sound upstairs. Ranbir keeps his finger on her lips to keep her from shouting.

Willson asks Balbira to check if anyone is there. He asks Tiger to come. Ranbir tells Prachi that Balbira is here and tells her it is the same haveli they had been to. Khushi says she’s here, and Prachi realizes Balbira wants to sell her. Balbira and Tiger are coming there. They hear Balbira tell goon that Ranbir might have come here. We shall be saved to save Khushi, Ranbir says. He tells Prachi to move silently backwards while sitting. Willson calls Balbira.

Ranbir and Prachi hide from Balbira and the goon. Ranbir tells Prachi to go to that side. They go to that side. Prachi asks what we’re going to do. Now that we know what is going on outside, Ranbir asks Prachi to let him think. Prachi says we will get them caught, and…Ranbir asks her to calm down. Khushi’s responsibility is mine, and he asks her to be at the window.

The goon comes and tells Veera that Ranbir has taken Prachi and that he is not Krishna, then also escapes. A goon locks Laali and Bindi’s mother. Laali blames Bindi’s mother for their troubles. She says she knows Balbira will sell Khushi for money.

As Bindi’s mother asks why she would say such things about her daughter when Ranbir and Prachi are doing so much for her, Laali replies that Khushi is not her daughter. Prachi sees a guy walking towards her and holding his hand as Kaatiyani threatens the captive girls not to show any smarts or else they will be killed.

He holds her hand and Prachi is about to slap him. He is Ranbir, and he removes his hat to reveal his face.

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