Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th January 2023 Written Update

He shows the clay art to his family during breakfast and Shivani praises him for being an artist. Vinayak says he had to prepare a clay model, so he prepared his parents’. Pakhi says he is participating in his school’s sculpting competition. Vinu asks Ashwini to pack an extra sandwich for Sai as Sai is having a pooja at home.

Bhavani says Sai snatched their son on this day and curses Sai. Virat coughs. Bhavani says they should have arranged their own pooja. Ashwini agrees. According to Ashwini, they all decided to treat Vinu as their son. Vinu is their legal heir and therefore they did not perform death anniversary pooja. Bhavani asserts that Vinu is their adopted son and they have lost their real son; they cannot expect any children from Mohit and Karishma.

She is just worried about expanding the Chavan family like Shivani is expanding Rajeev’s family. Mohit wonders if Bhavani will create drama if she learns about Karishma’s miscarriage. Shivani asks her not to start again. Bhavani replies that she is just worried about extending Chavan’s family like Shivani is extending Rajeev’s.

Virat says he repeatedly told Bhavani not to perform Vinu’s punya tithi pooja and walks away. Bhavani wonders why Virat said that. Shivani says she can only think about that. Bhavani says she wants to perform Vinu’s punya tithi pooja, believing that Vinu’s happiness will return.

Virat imagines crashing his car at Vinu and thinks he will not let Sai perform his live son’s tithi pooja. Sai begins her pooja recalling the day she lost Vinu. Sai asks Virat why he spoilt pooja, it would be bad for their Vinu. Virat counters that it would be worst for their alive son. Sai says she knows this and so she performed long-life pooja for him. Virat stands stunned.

It is known to Sai that their son is alive, that he was in the Bal Orphanage, that he was adopted by someone, and that Virat knows the truth but doesn’t know why he hid it from her. Her son is still missing, and she insists he tells her where he is.

When Virat learns of Pakhi’s ordeal, he stands silent. Sai insists he reveals the truth. However, Jatap walks in and asks Sai not to force Virat as he will never reveal where Vinu is. His friend vada pav called back and revealed who adopted Vinu.

After seeing Sai cry for her son, he asks Virat to reveal the truth before someone else informs Sai. If Virat doesn’t, he will count three and then reveal the truth. As Sai asks what he means, Virat reveals their Vinayank is the one whom he and Pakhi adopted, their real Vinu. Sai accepts that Virat is right. Having adopted their Vinu, he says it’s fate’s play. Sai asks if he means the Vinu she treated and the one who’s Savi’s best friend and wants to call her mom.

The two of them hug and cry. Sai then asks him how he could hide such a serious truth from her. Virat says he wanted to let her know first, but before he could, he learned about Pakhi’s hospitalization and uterus removal surgery, so he kept it to himself until things were back to normal.

Sai gives Virat 72 hours to inform his family and Pakhi that Vinu is Sai’s son. Ashwini informs Virat that Pakhi and Vinu have disappeared.

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