Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Kanika starts the episode by scolding Ayaan and Vishal. She says Ayaan, you should have boarded the flight, you left your wife at the airport and have come here to fight Faltu. Aren’t you ashamed? I will talk to Janardhan now, I will not accept Tanu’s insult, I may leave. Ayaan says I will meet Vishal later.

When he calls Faltu, he gets her number turned off. Charan says Ayaan is calling, but doesn’t know why. Faltu says don’t answer his call, he has gone abroad with Tanisha, I will solve my problem by myself, switch off the phone. Kinshuk says Ayaan and Tanu aren’t answering.

Tanu said that Ayaan had left. Janardhan comes and says Kanika was angry, she told me that Ayaan left Tanu alone at the airport and left, why is Ayaan doing this for Faltu, she did wrong, why is Ayaan punishing Tanu, he left his wife for that selfish characterless girl,

Sumitra looks on, wondering what was he going to say, what was the matter. Janardhan says Kanika is coming, Sid will get Tanu home. Then Tanisha cries and says she doesn’t know Sid, what did Ayaan learn about him leaving? Did the caller tell him the truth? Sid says whatever, I wouldn’t have done this if I were in his position.

Faltu thanks Kaki and says we’ll leave after some days. Gaikwad says you can stay here, your name will be cleared soon. Charan says they all support you. He says they know your cricket talent, one day everyone will know it. She cries and remembers everything. Dadi asks what Janardhan is saying. He says he has to decide today whether to stay here or not. He says he will not forgive him now, I will decide his fate.

Sid gets Tanisha home. Tanisha cries. Savita asks if she is okay. Dadi tells Tanu not to cry. Kanika comes and says don’t cry. It’s not cheap to shed tears for anyone. I’ll see Ayaan now, and he will be punished for every mistake he makes. Calm down now. She asks Janardhan to decide.

Kanika, Dadi asks, “Faltu is blamed,” what is the connection between Ayaan and this? Kanika says he left his honeymoon flight and went to find Faltu, but you are saying he has nothing to do with this since he has always left Tanu and run away since his engagement.

She says I have to clean my name, and I will remove the stains off my name and return to the academy with pride. Charan says the news will reach the village as well, but I’m concerned for you, you shouldn’t stay here, I’ll take you to Ittarpur.

Ayaan comes home. Janardhan asks how can you do this with Tanu for that cheap girl, for how long can you risk your life to save her, you left Tanu alone at the airport and went for the girl. I am ashamed to call you my son. Ayaan says sorry, I know I hurt you. Sid says Mom, Ayaan didn’t tell Tanu about the confession video, but something big will happen. Janardhan and Ayaan go upstairs.

Faltu tells them to keep an eye on Vishal, find out where he is meeting, and be careful, if he gets doubtful, then everything will go wrong. Charan comes. She says they are helping me find Vishal’s truth, I am being tested to fight the troubles and see how I handle them. They leave. It’s my girl, and I’ll call your mother and tell her we won’t come back. She says don’t turn on the phone, otherwise, Ayaan might call.

Janardhan asks Ayaan what he is doing, and what he has to say now; he has hurt Tanu and made fun of everything. He scolds Ayaan and says tell me why. Ayaan says he will tell you, I have to explain myself and I did everything I could to protect this family.

I cannot explain Kanika and Tanisha, you see how the family shatters and gets ruined. Ayaan says no, I won’t let this happen, I fainted at the temple that night, I don’t remember what happened to me.

I don’t know what happened there, but I had seen Sindoor in Faltu’s maang. Sid wonders what Ayaan is telling Janardhan, is he telling the truth, why isn’t he telling it to everyone? Sumitra asks him to come downstairs. Sumitra says Janardhan will know once he knows what Ayaan is going through. Sid says he will take action if it is harming Tanu and his business, but if he asks Ayaan not to tell anything, then this won’t help.

I asked Faltu many times, she never gave me a straight answer, she went away from us, I asked her if I had put the sindoor in her maang. Janardhan asks what sindoor is, I am wondering.

It is Janardhan’s job to ask him to think and speak. As Ayaan says, I have thought well, so you must listen to me, because I decided to move forward with Tanu, and I received an anonymous call on Valentine’s Day telling me I had filled Faltu’s maang. It is stupid of you to believe that person, and you are doing this for a random call, Janardhan asks.

The caller sent me a video which I could not stop watching, and I am sure you will be shocked as well. He shows Ayaan the video of Faltu’s confession.


I beg you, close Faltu’s chapter as soon as possible, he thinks Vishal did this because of Ayaan. Janardhan says the entire business will collapse if this news comes out.

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