Faltu 9th November 2022 written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

During today’s Faltu episode, we saw Pratap searching the internet for Ayaan. He was shocked to find out that Ayaan used to be a famous cricketer but left 4 years ago for unknown reasons. Pratap reminds Faltu about Su’s advice not to talk about cricket in front of Ayaan. Faltu is delighted to learn this and says he will teach him now. In an attempt to help Ayaan, Faltu also assists her.

Ayaan is shocked to see Faltu cleaning his jeep in the morning. She is about to suggest something when Kaki drags her back inside, telling her she will not leave the house for three days.

Faltu and Pratap sneak out of the house. Faltu meets Ayaan and asks Pratap to follow her plan. Pratap sets up a food stall outside the mart and informs Ayaan that even his workers don’t buy groceries from him, but from those, whom they have relationships with. A grand feast is prepared for the villagers to show them that they have established a bond with them. She tells Ayaan that even his employees don’t buy groceries from him.

In return, he asks Ayaan to teach cricket to Anmol Singh. Ayaan recalls the past and gets irritated. He says he cannot play cricket nor teach anyone. Faltu pleaded with Ayaan to help Anmol who was in desperate need of money. As well as helping Anmol, Ayaan also asks her to help with marketing.

Meanwhile, Sumitra tells Sid that she thinks something fishy is going on in the family. Sid agrees and has devised a plan to stop Ayaan from becoming a company director.

Faltu poses the question to Ayaan as to why the mart is so significant. Ayaan discloses that his father’s name is connected and he cannot disappoint him. Pratap and Su step in too, and Pratap pronounces that the meals are burnt. Faltu states that this was precisely what her design was. Ayaan appears concerned, yet she persuades him to be at ease and await her plan to take effect. She appeals for assistance from a lady in the village to assist her with it. Faltu notifies him that now villagers have an association with him and will have to modify his mart into a shop to which they can relate to.

As soon as Pappu’s goons see Faltu talking with Ayaan, they inform him that Faltu was partying with Ayaan and the villagers. When Janardhan calls Ayaan, he is proud to see the rush in the mart. This is the reason he made him the director. Ayaan gives the credit to Faltu and introduces her to the family. Tanisha is jealous once she sees her.

Ayaan tells Pratap’s mother that Anmol is Pratap and Faltu’s friend. Pappi is determined to find the truth and follows them. Ayaan defends Faltu.

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