Meet 13th March 2023 Written Update


Meet Written Episode 13th March 2023, Written Update

The lights diya thanks God and says it took her a while to realize why you sent me here, but my life will continue in this house, so please support me so that I can change everyone’s thoughts in this house, and please help me recuperate fast tomorrow because I have a lot of work to do for holi. As Meghna walks to Meet, she asks, “Where do you get this much tolerance, my brother hurt you a lot, no one helped you and you are still praying for them, no one cares about you.”.

Meet says you brought me water, she drinks it and thanks her. Meghna says whatever happened in the arena today was nothing. From now on, they will try to harm you physically and mentally. You stay happy and concentrate on your studies, Meet says. I’m sure one day every woman from this house will inaugurate my factory. Seeing Meet in her room, Manmeet remembers his wrestling match. He walks over to her and says, “Give me a touch and I’ll apply ointment.” As Manmeet touches her leg, she shouts in pain.

The wrestlers wrestle each other in the arena, but outside they always apply ointment to each other’s wounds. I have seen many fighters who don’t wake up once they are down, and some wake up in order to run out of the arena, but you always stood up every time, and I admire your sportsmanship. Meet shouts in pain again. Manmeet checks her leg and says your bone has shifted. Meet rests her head on Manmeet’s shoulder.

Manmeet says you wouldn’t have trusted me then and asks her to check her leg. She twists her ankle and says it’s okay now, and she says it’s better than before. Manmeet thanks her and says you showed sportsmanship. He picks up the video call and tells Manmeet you should wear green dress. He lies next to him and asks him to turn off the light. He says I’m on the phone, so do it yourself. The switch is close to you, so switch it off, what’s your problem? Meet is unable to walk properly.

As long as the lights are on, Manmeet doesn’t mind. He throws a candle bowl at the switchboard and the light goes out. He gets scared and asks what you did. He says goodnight and goes to sleep. He says he’ll deal with you later and says to Shagun, “Let’s talk later.”

The two of them meet in the kitchen. Jasodha walks up to her and asks what they are doing. Meet says today is Holi, so I thought I’d cook something. Why not give everyone a holiday? Jasodha laughs and calls everyone into the kitchen. Gunwanti asks what happened and everyone walks in.

Meet says yes I will cook alone. Jasodha says okay, today is Holi and we will make 25 types of dishes and explain to her what everyone cooks. Meet says don’t worry, just tell me what I need to cook. Gunwanti tells her what she needs to cook. Meet gets a pen and paper to write everything down. Gunwanti says everything should be special. Meet says no worries.

Jasodha says I trust you, you would have cooked food, but today is Holi and everything should be cooked in desi style and that’s the ritual, so all grinding and cooking has to be done manually. The question is whether this is necessary. Jasodha suggests you can say no since cooking is no joke, so think once and let me know. Meet says don’t worry, I’ll handle it. Jasodha asks Gunwanti and Imarti to keep an eye on her, and the rest will take care of themselves. Everyone walks out of the kitchen.

The girls are inside the kitchen preparing food. Gunwanti, Imarti, Sapna, Sundari are watching Meet. Gunwanti says we forget things when cooking food, so how will she do it all by herself? Anuja says don’t worry she will do it too. A woman chops vegetables. A woman looks at a clay pot and says, I have never used this to make butter. She calls Manmeet. Manmeet says, we use it to make butter, don’t you know?

Meet tricks him into making butter for her. Manmeet shows her how to make butter and asks her to taste it. Meet tastes it and says you were right. Manmeet mocks her and leaves. Meet does the remaining work to get the butter. Imarti and Gunwanti together. Gunwanti tells her to do something because if she cooks food alone, Jasodha won’t spare us. Imarti says I have a plan.

It is impossible for Sunari to cook 25 different kinds of food. I’m worried about how she will be able to cook this much alone, and even if she succeeds in cooking, if it doesn’t taste well, no one can help her save herself from Jasodha, she’s already hurt. She says she is sure Meet won’t ask anyone for help, and I trust her to do so.

Imarti walks into the kitchen and hides so Meet can’t see her. Meet walks away from the fire. Imarti throws water on it and runs away. Meet turns around and asks what Imarti was doing. Meet walks toward the chula and sees everything is wet and gets worried.

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