Meet 16th January 2023 Written Update

Babita hugs Meet Ahlawat lookalike and say, “I’ll walk now.”. He says sorry, I’m Manmeet and shows his bracelet. Babita sees the bracelet and cries. She hugs him tightly and kisses his forehead. As Manmeet said, you made me emotional too. Mothers are always like you, he left everyone and left, Babita, remembering her son.

Babita tells Raj my Meet is back, first, his photo came, and now him as well. Ram and Ragini say he is similar to our son. Upon waking the next morning, Raj and Ragini bring breakfast to Meet. They read a note saying I have to leave for the village and I’m fine. Babita asks what she will do if Manmeet comes before her. Raj says she’s strong, so don’t worry about it.

He tells women they will have control over everything like money and their men. Every woman gets excited when he tells them this. Meet thinks I should gain their trust back after yesterday’s incident and show them that they are capable of anything.

Women searching for Baba at his location. Meet disguised as Baba come forward. Everyone bows down in front of her. Lady complains her husband beats her daily, other complains that he spends money on alcohol. Baba asks them to be calm. In the village, Raj and Babita look for Manmeet. A man tells them to look near the wrestling pit. They walk to meet him. Sarkar walks to meet him. Manmeet hugs him.

Everyone apologizes, saying Sarkar asked us not to be there and they leave. Baba says the village will prosper, and whoever works in the village will prosper.

Taking off her beard, Meet tells them that every man thinks they are not strong enough to handle anything, you handle home and kids, then why are you not strong? You have to show them that you are capable or else they will always keep you trapped, so now you have to prove them wrong. If I must stick with you then there should be some benefit for me, and I listen to all but I do as my heart tells me to do if still you are ready to be connected to me then tell and let that girl make her factory.

It is said by Meet that if you work in a factory, you will be able to earn your own money and get respect. Sarkar get up says in wrestling, your body is what makes you, not your brain. Manmeet says I saw her and I would suggest she is a bit crack and let her make factories, Sarkarpur will get developed, and everyone will know your name. She tortures her saying I found this phone in your room. Meghna remembers her mom scolding her for giving information to Meet.

Meet walks in the house. Sarkar’s wife shouts “You are not allowed in here!”. Meghna tells her mother that she has kept her phone in Bhabhis room. Her mother says nobody is accountable here. When Meet walks in taunts Bhabhi and helps her get up, she says she is here to bring good news, mocks Sarkar’s wife, and uses her phone to play a video showing every woman working in the factory construction.

Sarkar makes fun of every woman working in the factory. Meet says I came here with one dream, but now every woman’s dream is connected to me. Meghna smiles. Meet walks out. Sarkar’s wife curses her and breaks the phone. A lady is working. Meet walks towards the wall and remembers Meet Ahlawat telling her about his dream. Meet thanks everyone saying because of your strength I was able to fight back.

They try to break the wall that she built all day, but everyone helps meet and fights back against the goons. The goon hit Meet and she fell down. Every woman started beating that person. A lady said, you must have beaten a lot of women now things will work out for you.

Manmeet sees a bulldozer coming towards the wall. He comes in between with his tractor and stops the bulldozer from damaging the wall

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