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Gunwanti is apprehended by authorities and explains to Meet that despite her uncovering the truth, she cannot prevent the bidding for her factory. Manmeet shows up and swiftly escorts Meet away. In the meantime, Mahendra receives a check worth 61 crores from an unidentified sender. With no further bids, it is declared that the factory has been purchased for 61 crores. Meet appears and yells out that they mustn’t proceed with the bidding. Mahendra reveals that she is too tardy as the factory has already been sold. Manmeet dejectedly takes a seat on the ground.

In an attempt to find out who bought the factory, Mahendra asks Sarkar to come forward, but he is shocked to learn that Sarkar purchased it. Jasodha brings Sarkar to Mahendra’s rescue. Sarkar snatches Mahendra’s factory papers from him and tells him he staked everything to save Meet’s dream. Mahendra is once again shocked when Sarkar hands over the papers to Meet. A police inspector arrives to arrest Mahendra, and he looks around for Shagun to help him, but she has already left. Mahendra is taken away by the police.

Sarkar admits to Meet and Manmeet that he was wrong to be against them. Manmeet kindly massages Sarkar’s feet while Meet administers medicine. Both of them diligently care for Sarkar. Meet offers words of comfort, encouraging Sarkar not to dwell on the past. Meanwhile, Manmeet inquires about Sarkar’s desires. Surprisingly, Sarkar suggests seeing Meet and Manmeet tie the knot once again. Joyfully, he joins their hands and gives them his blessing. Considerately, Manmeet responds that they will think about it once Sarkar is feeling better. Agreeing with Manmeet’s sentiments, Meet promises to make Sarkar’s wish a reality and assures him that his health will improve upon witnessing their second marriage. In a lighthearted manner, Sarkar teases Manmeet for being slow-witted.

Sumeet informs everyone about Meet and Manmeet’s remarriage. Baa suggests that both families stay together until the marriage is completed.

As she offers sweets to Gunwanti and Mahendra and mentions Meet and Manmeet’s remarriage, Shagun reveals that she did not abandon them.

Sumeet and Raj help Manmeet and Meet choose dresses and argue about who will look better. Gunwanti and Mahendra come in disguise to trick them into getting closer for a kiss. Meet’s grandmother talks about how she used to trouble Meet when she was younger but eventually grew to love her, expressing her desire to see Meet’s smiling face again. Meet gets mehendi applied and smiles happily as Sumeet jokes with her.

As Meet struggles to adjust her saree pallu, her hands still stained with Mehendi, she frantically looks around for assistance. Suddenly, a hand covers her mouth from behind, causing her to instinctively strike back. To her surprise, it’s Manmeet who has playfully surprised her yet again. Scolding him for startling her, Meet’s irritation quickly turns into a smile as Manmeet helps her fix her saree. Lost in the moment, they promise each other an eternal connection as a romantic song plays in the background. However, their happiness is threatened by Gunwanti and Mahendra’s plan to harm them. Sumeet witnesses their vile intentions and drops a nearby vase in shock. As Gunwanti and Mahendra close in on Sumeet, aiming to silence any possible witnesses.


Sumeet runs away and says I’ll tell Mom and Dad everything. Mahendra says to Gunwanti first we’ll have to catch Sumeet. The light goes out and Mahendra uses chloroform to make Sumeet unconscious. Meet checks on Sumeet and asks what happened. In disguise as workers, Mahendra and Gunwanti are pointed out by Sumeet.

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