Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2023 Written Episode.

The Episode begins with Manjiri suggesting that instead of focusing on past relationships, one should remember the father-son bond. She then advises to call the lawyer and discuss matters. After seeing Aarohi, Manjiri leaves. Aarohi brings tea for Abhimanyu, who expresses his gratitude. Akshara urges Abhinav to take a break from work, but he promises to be careful while driving as he needs to provide for their son’s needs. Aarohi empathizes with Akshara, stating that she too had to learn how to live again after facing a similar situation. Abhir means everything to her sister and if anything happens to him, Akshara will be devastated. Abhimanyu reminds Aarohi that she is now Mrs. Sharma and it’s about his son’s life, which he values above all else. He warns her not to interfere in their family matters as it could have serious consequences.

Akshara urges you to stay strong, as I am unable to handle everything by myself. Please do not distance yourself from your partner and do not doubt your own capabilities. It would be beneficial for you to rest and I appreciate that you have taken the medication. Make sure you get some sleep, otherwise it may become difficult later on. Abhinav inquires if it would be alright for him to hold your hand while you rest. She nods in agreement and he gently falls asleep beside her. As morning arrives, Neela and Muskaan prepare to leave. Akshara questions the urgency of their departure, but Neela explains that it is best not to let relations sour. Akshara suggests they wait for their bus in two hours time, but Neela insists on leaving now.

Neela mentions the journey’s time, I saw Abhir before our departure, and now we are ready to go. However, Abhinav halts Akshara. Meanwhile, Abhir and Roohi engage in a game of hide and seek with Abhimanyu. Manjiri expresses her happiness at their excitement. While playing, Abhir hides inside a trunk as Abhimanyu searches for the children. Unfortunately, he misses seeing Abhir but catches Roohi and they all share a laugh. Then, Roohi reminds him to count again as she knows where Abhir is hiding. Gasping for air, Abhir calls out to his mom as she tries to calm her nerves through prayer. Concerned, Abhinav asks Akshara if she is okay while she anxiously waits for them to finish playing.

Roohi tells me where Abhir is. Abhimanyu panics and asks where he is. Akshara calls Abhimanyu and says I want to talk to Abhir. Abhinav says don’t worry, everything’s fine. Akshara asks Suvarna to get the aarti plate. Abhimanyu looks for Abhir. He sees Abhir’s fingers outside the trunk. He rushes and sees Abhir falling unconscious. He brings him out. Everyone worries.

After checking his weak pulse, Abhimanyu suggests taking him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Akshara ponders why she’s feeling restless and concludes it may be due to Neela and Muskaan’s departure. She bids farewell to Neela, apologizing for any past issues. In haste, Abhimanyu leaves his house while Akshara receives a call from Shefali. Frantically calling out to Abhir, she drops the phone in shock as Abhinav expresses concern. At the hospital, Abhimanyu administers treatment while Manjiri expresses her disbelief at the situation. Trying to console her, Shefali reassures Manjiri that he will recover. Emotionally overwhelmed, Manjiri prays for Abhir’s well-being as Aarohi gives instructions to the nurse. Upon arriving at the hospital, Akshara rushes to see Abhir in a worried state.


Akshara accuses Abhimanyu and asks if he could keep his duty for one day. Anand says it is not time to point fingers at each other, we have to finish the surgery within three hours or he could lose his life.

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