Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 28th Feb 2023 written update

Written update of S67 E850

Today’s episode starts with Roohi saying that she wanted to surprise everyone with this news but its okay.  Abhir says that getting a father is the best gift and she will definitely clap for her.

Manjiri makes an announcement about Aarohi and Abhimanyu’s marriage

Manjiri says that the kids wanted to inform everyone after the birthday but she thought that this was the best time to tell everyone.  She wants her kids to be happy so she could not wait to give everyone the news.  She says now Abhimanyu, Aarohi and Roohi are now going to be a family.

Kairav recalls the injustice that had befallen Akshara because of Abhimanyu

Suhasini is upset.  Kairav asks Aarohi how she made such a big decision on her own when she otherwise calls him for even small matters.  Abhimanyu says its true they are getting married.  She says now nobody can tell Roohi that he is not her father.  Kairav remembers everything that happened when Neil died.  Akshara takes Roohi and Abhir upstairs.  The guests also leave.  Kairav says they did not discuss this matter but just made the decisions on their own. 

Roohi asks Akshara when Manjiri shared such good news why did everyone not clap.  Abhimanyu asks Abhir to take care of Roohi and she goes downstairs.

Kairav asks Aarohi if she is getting married to this man just for Roohi?  Manjiri reminds Kairav that her sons name is Abhimanyu.  Manjiri asks him to talk calmly but he says he cannot be calm.  Manish asks Kairav to apologise to Manjiri.  He says sorry but he says she cannot emotionally blackmail Aarohi.  Kairav says that only Abhimanyu has the right to be rude.  Kairav says Aarohi has only compromised and not taken any decision.  And Manjiri is the only one to benefit by this decision.  Kairav is trying to explain to Aarohi that he may be bad but she should have atleast discussed with their grandparents before taking any decision.  He says because of Abhimanyu both his sisters’ lives have been ruined. He requests Aarohi not to repeat the same mistake that Akshara has made.  Kairav tells Manish that there is something lacking in their love and that is the reason both his sisters have made such a big decision without telling or consulting them.  Akshara just sent a voice note and now Aarohi has announced like this.

Abhinav is worried about Akshara wondering how much she must be hurt.  He goes in search of her.

Akshara goes into her bedroom and remembers the announcement of Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s marriage.  Abhinav is watching from the door and thinks that Akshara came here after so many years to look at relationships from a new perspective.  Now seeing her ex-husband is definitely hurting her.

Kairav asks Aarohi if she wants to marry the person who left their sister when she lost her babies?  Manjiri stops him but Abhimanyu interrupts and says it’s okay.

Abhinav asks Akshara if she is fine.  She says she is not sure.  They hear the argument happening outside and go to see what’s happening.

Abhimanyu warns Kairav to keep quiet or else he too will say things that he has not said for so many years.  Kairav asks Abhimanyu if he is threatening him.  Kairav says he and his family remember everything.  Manjiri says she will die but she will never forget what happened on that day.  The day she got the most devastating news.  She lost her son that day.  Abhimanyu lost both her kids that day.  Abhimanyu tries to calm Manjiri as she says that Kairav has forgotten everything.  Manjiri says last 6 years her son was left alone.  Akshara left everything, got married and has a happy family.  Not once did Akshara look back.  Now Abhimanyu needs to move ahead.  Abhimanyu asks Kairav to stop the conversation.  Aarohi also tells him that they can talk about this later.  But Kairav insists that they need to talk about this and finish the conversation.

Abhimanyu says he wants to finish the conversation. He says if he does not talk now then a lot of things will be left unsaid.  Abhimanyu says that life had snatched a lot of things in life and he does not want to look back now.  He says he understands Kairav’s pain.  He understands Manjiri’s pain too.  He did not want the news to be shared this way and he is sorry.  But he is not sorry for the decision of getting married.  He says he is getting married to Aarohi.


Abhimanyu asks Manjiri why did she make everyone cry at the birthday party.

Kairav gives Akshara the responsibility of explaining to Aarohi and making her change her decision.  Akshara says Aarohi is not looking for a husband but for a partner and she respects her decision so she will not stop her.

Abhir wants to wait for the engagement but Akshara insists that they return back home.  Abhir calls Doc Man and asks him to convince Akshara to stay back for the engagement.

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