Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira and Ruhi’s Argument Reveals Marriage Truth

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The episode begins with Dadi saying that I told Vidya about the party and that she is getting ready. Manisha says you lied to her. Dadi says I can’t tell her the truth. Kajal sends Ruhi to get Madhav. Dadi says someone is missing. Armaan says Abhira. When Vidya sees Madhav’s uniform, she says, “I’ve never seen it here. What’s happening?”

Her son Madhav arrives. She tells him you didn’t go on duty today. He says I took two days off. She is shocked. He holds the tea tray. She asks whether you are okay. He says yes. She asks if SSP is jealous again. He says no. She says your junior was unwell, is he alright, should I go there or send something, tell me. Mogra is her favorite, Mogra, happy wedding anniversary, I didn’t remember this day always, so you didn’t tell me anything, Mogra. She cries and says Happy anniversary.

Suwarna says you remember when you came here for the first time. The person on call says I don’t know all that, talk about the surgery. Abhir coughs. Everyone worries about him. They all ask him for water. Manish asks what this medicine is. According to Abhir, nobody knows the exact problem, but this medicine manages it since it’s the same heart disease again. A person says perfect, take the credit card and come here. Manish asks if you have thought about the surgery. Abhir says I can think, I can’t afford it. Manish says all this is yours, take the credit card, it has a limit of 50 lakhs.

Madhav says that this jacket looks strange. Abhira says yes, wear these glasses if you want to hear praise, focus on your date, and thank me whenever you like. When Ruhi sees them, she asks Abhira what you did and where you sent Papa. Everyone is waiting to surprise her parents.

Abhira says no one told me. Ruhi says it was a surprise. Abhira says it was Dadi’s plan. Go and fight with her; you will ruin everything. Abhira says Armaan’s parents got some time alone. Ruhi disagrees. When Madhav arrives, everyone stands. Abhira apologized for not knowing about the surprise party plan. Kajal and Manisha ask Vidya to leave. Ruhi questions what will be said to the guests. Abhira asks if they are imp or Armaan’s parents’ feelings. Ruhi says society is a place to live.

Abhira stops her. She asks Vidya to go with Madhav. She gives Vidya’s hand to him. Madhav smiles and signs to Vidya. Vidya sees Dadi and gets away. She says happiness should be celebrated with family, not alone. Abhira says it was his plan, so please say yes. Vidya says leave my hand. Ruhi says leave my hand else…. Vidya says some relations’ fate doesn’t have happiness. She goes, and the gajra falls on the stairs. Madhav gets sad. Manish calls out Abhir.

When Suwarna asks him if you told him about the party at the Poddar house, he says he is eager to see Ruhi. They find a phone ringing. The person says I sent you to do acting and loot them, not to settle there. Manish recalls Abhir. He asks what the point is to do all this. I know you aren’t the one I’m looking for. Just tell me where he is. Suwarna asks what happened.

Manish says I could not know the truth; the one here with us wasn’t Abhir, and I felt strange hugging him. Surekha asks what. Abhira recalls Vidya’s words. Ruhi comes and argues with her. Armaan watches and listens. She shouts at her, saying you don’t stay here forever; your marriage with Armaan will only last a year.

When Abhira sees Armaan, she cries and recalls their words. She goes crying. Armaan chases after her. Abhira shouts to the Udaipur police station about her. According to her, this marriage is just a compromise since I will end it after a year… Armaan says she wants to tell her family the truth, but telling Ruhi the truth is different.

In response to Abhira’s question, he says I was stressed after we married, so I told Ruhi what I was going through. She says you shared anything with me, so why did you share it with Ruhi? She scolds him. Ruhi was right, I’m making relationships, I’m going to leave, this isn’t my family, house, or friend. She cries.


It was my mistake to trust you and tell the truth about our marriage, Armaan scolds Ruhi. Ruhi packs her bags to leave. Abhira gets away from Armaan. He stumbles, and Ruhi scolds him.

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