Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2023 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Abhinav to have his favourite laddoos. He shows his hands spoilt. She feeds it to him. They smile. Manish and everyone come. Akshara says you all look worried. Abhir asks what’s wrong. She asks him to go. He says no. Kairav says let elders talk, it’s an office matter. Abhir gets upset and leaves.

Kairav’s good acting saved us, Dadi says. Abhinav asks what. Manish says we’re worried about the cake order. Suvarna says Abhir’s first birthday here is a big deal to us. Dadi says we’ll do the best we can to celebrate his birthday. Kairav says yes, we’d have taken him to Disney in the US, but we’ll make it grand here. Manish also agrees.

Abhir and Ruhi talk on the video call. Everyone is busy with arrangements. Kairav sees Muskaan. He says the glue will get stuck all over your hair. He helps her and asks if her boyfriend is well. She says you can ask directly, I never had a boyfriend, I just loved my books and household chores, so I had no time for dating.

“Now take some time for yourself. You might find someone here. Is there anyone you’re interested in?” Surekha observes the conversation and decides not to disclose anything unless something significant occurs.

On the call, Ruhi talks to Akshara. She says you don’t remember my brother’s birthday. Akshara says you have a drama, it’s a surprise birthday party, don’t tell Abhir. Ruhi says okay, I’ll come. Abhimanyu cries and goes to his room.

He holds his locket and says Mahadev, you gave me a big punishment, he will be six years old tomorrow. I checked his papers several times, but I did not find his birth date, so I will be with him. The stormy winds remind Akshara and Abhinav of the night when Abhir was born when storms always blow on his birthday.

My son’s first birthday with me is in this storm, and Abhimanyu says I will be a part of my junior’s birthday. She says we are used to this storm. The balloons keep falling. Akshara bursts them and says simply, problem solved. He says I wish all problems were that simple. We have to pack Abhir’s gifts. She says yes. Abhimanyu also packs Abhir’s gifts.

Akshara recalls Abhir’s 3rd birthday when we hid his gifts. Abhinav says yes, he found them, and he finished the cake too. She wants to celebrate his birthday at home. I will celebrate his next birthday in Kasauli. She says everyone should be there. He says I will fight everything and win.

Abhimanyu writes a note. Ruhi says I made a blue card for Abhir’s birthday. Aarohi says it’s great. Ruhi says I should get Abhir some gifts. Aarohi thinks Abhimanyu doesn’t know it. She says I can’t come, I have surgery lined up. Shefali, Anand, Manjiri and Ruhi also refuse. Ruhi says you’re all so bad.

When Aarohi leaves, Manjiri asks Ruhi to come. Ruhi insists. Abhir wakes up and says he’ll go downstairs. They’ll shout Happy Birthday Abhir. He sees everyone busy. He says they should celebrate my birthday every day, because I’m so lovely, but they don’t.

Muskaan and Akshara say yes, we will wish him when he gets freshened up. Abhir gets sad. He sees something and asks if he is dreaming. Ruhi calls Aarohi.

Ruhi says Manjiri brought me here, please come. Manish and everyone ask Aarohi to come. Surekha taunts Manjiri. Akshara looks on. Surekha says I wish Abhir gets better, but Aarohi’s life is being disrupted. Manjiri gets angry.

Assurekha asks what you’re going to have. Manjiri replies Ruhi, we’ll go home after the cake is cut. Akshara says her kids will enjoy spending time with you, I’ll take her home. Manjiri replies it’s okay, I can handle it.


Akshara says don’t tell Abhir about the surprise birthday party. Ruhi agrees. Abhimanyu celebrates Abhir’s birthday. Abhinav says you can’t get him here without telling me. Abhimanyu says you are not a nice person. Akshara scolds Abhimanyu for taking Abhir in his arms and hugging him, I don’t think he isn’t his baby.

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