Pandya Store 5th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Written episode and update for the 5th April 2023 of the Pandya Store on

Krish says he cannot give the money. Shiva scolds him for not giving the money because Dhara has raised them with so much money. Krish says he cannot give money when she gives her an organ. Rishita requests Natasha to watch her favourite cartoon, but Krish refuses.

He pushes Krish. Krish falls back. Gautam asks what are you doing? It is his hard-earned money and he will decide for it, you can’t make him leave, he has a right to it. Natasha shouts to Mom and runs out. Shiva says get out of here.

In his words, Krish does not want any rights to this house and family, nor any name that has brought me into trouble. Dhara calls home and says they don’t answer my calls. Suman slaps Krish. Prerna defends him and argues with them. She apologizes to Maa, but this behaviour will drive him away from you. Suman scolds her.

Natasha comes to Dhara and Dhara hugs her. Rishita watches as Dhara encourages Natasha. Prerna nods. Natasha approaches Dhara. Dhara hugs her.

As Natasha wears her sandals, she says, “If it doesn’t fit me, then how will your kidney fit into my little body?” Rishita watches as Dhara says her tummy is big, right? She explains. Krish cries and lies on Suman’s lap. Suman asks, “If you decide to abandon the name that has given you an identity, what will your new identity be?”

Suman asks why you are concerned. He says I have gone to Shweta. He tells her everything. Suman cries. The doctor tells Rishita to deposit the money before morning. She tells him not to worry, it will be done. She calls Dev. Shiva consoles Krish. He starts arguing with Raavi.

Shiva says, “Your life has ruined my life, Krish.” Gautam says, “Respect Raavi, Krish; she’s your Bhabhi.” Shiva says, “Tell Dev, why do you tell me this?”. Then Dev takes Rishita’s call and says there is a lot of tension here. She asks about money. Krish refused to give us money because Dhara made a mistake. We have no money, so we are asking Krish for help.

She asks what we will do now. He says I will arrange it somehow. She says we got Dhara’s kidney for Natasha, Natasha is in danger, so arrange money for her. Shiva asks who is Shweta. Krish says Shweta’s wife. Shiva asks you didn’t tell me who this girl is. Prerna says his future wife.

As Shiva scolds Krish, he asks Suman why she didn’t marry him. Gautam says no girl likes you. Suman says Raavi loves you dearly. Shiva asks why she would love me. Gautam lies to him. Shiva says you hurt me. Prerna says we’ll tell you later. Krish goes to deposit money, Natasha needs us. He says I said that in anger, so I’m going to deposit it. He hugs Gautam and thanks him, along with Dev and Shiva. Yaadon ki baraat…plays…

Shiva and Dev also go with Krish. Dhara asks Natasha to be strong. Natasha says she feels hungry, give me some food. Dhara says we cannot have food before the operation, so we will sing Antaskshari. She handles Natasha. Dhara sings “Chanda Hai Tu…” and then it’s Natasha’s turn. She sings, followed by Rishita who joins in. As they sing together, Rishita’s emotions overwhelm her, and she sheds tears.

The precap:

She calls Dev and says she has arranged the money by doing a deal. He asks what she has done. Dhara worries about the curfew. Krish says we can’t go to the hospital because of curfew.

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