Pandya Store 24th January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Dhara says I called everyone, but Suman says no, they came on their own. Shiva says Mum was fine until yesterday, why didn’t anyone tell me Suman was ill? Raavi asks Shiva to see Suman. Shiva says Suman will be fine. Dev asks Shesh to greet Suman. Shiva asks Mittu to greet Suman.

Suman gets happy seeing her grandchildren. Shiva says come home. Raavi says no, she has to stay here. Shesh goes out. He sees the nurse. He speaks as Dr Shesh Pandya. He irritates the patient. Chiku and Mittu run out. Suman says I’m going, Krish. Krish says stop. She says I’m not going to the market but to God. Dhara thinks she’s overacting.

She says she is fine, doesn’t worry, and thinks about discharge formalities. He calls her stone-hearted. She asks him to sit beside Suman and cry. Shesh says I beat others, I am a bad boy. Chiku asks them to come with him. They take Mittu with them. Suman says take me home, I want to die at home.

There is medical care here, Krish says. Suman slaps him. She says I don’t want to die here, I want to die at home, at your dad’s house. Dhara says I’ll take you home. She asks what’s going on, it’s Suman’s last wish. Shiva asks if anything happens to Suman… She says she spoke to Shiva.

Suman says you fight, until then I will die and come. They say no. Dhara says we should respect her last wish, I will make discharge papers. She leaves. Children go to the power room. The lady learns about the kids’ mischief. Dhara asks her to prepare the discharge papers. Mittu says you are doing something wrong. Suman acts. Raavi assures the kids that they will be okay.

Shesh and Chiku fall to the ground. Suman says she wouldn’t have missed you in all these years if you had stayed with me. Suman cries. Shiva asks what you’re saying. Shiva is shocked when Suman asks what happened to him, he’s been away from me for seven years.

Seven years? He asks Raavi what seven years? Rishita thinks new drama has started, I have to stop him. Suman says Shiva, you… Rishita says calm down Maa. Shiva asks what she is saying, I’m not well. Raavi says calm down, you were at home. Shiva says Chiku is so young, he’s grown up. Gautam and Suman are worried. In Shiva’s words, I am Dev and Rishita’s son, I do not recall anything, I was here for seven years, so I’ll go mad. Raavi says calm down, mum needs care, you were at home, okay?

Raavi tells Shiva to take care of Suman. Shiva asks why Gautam didn’t tell me when Suman was ill. Mum says I wasn’t at home. The kids are still trying to figure out what happened to Gautam. Shiva says that he was with them until yesterday. Gautam thinks that nothing happened to him.

Rishita says sorry, even Raavi didn’t tell you about Mittu. Suman says yes, Raavi got a son from my son and didn’t even tell me. Raavi says I wanted to tell you, but… Suman says when would you say, at the time of his marriage, at least you could have put it on social media, I would have seen it.

You have seen Chiku grow, but you haven’t seen Shesh and Mittu grow, we live under the same roof. Raavi says you don’t think much and don’t take the stress. I also didn’t see Shesh grow up, so why don’t I remember? Mittu also grew up, and Chiku also grew up, so why don’t I remember? Gautam says calm down.

Shesh asks Mittu to stand on his shoulders. Dhara says I’ve paid the bill. Dev says we’ll pay it. She asks them not to worry. Suman asks Shiva what happened to your memory, what nonsense are you saying. Gautam says don’t worry, take care of yourself. Suman asks what happened to Shiva. Krish asks if taking Mum home in this state would be appropriate. The doctor greets Dhara.


Rishita says we have no relations with anyone. Raavi says you should sell the store and house, and give our share. Rishita says I’ll take my share and go. Krish says give me my share, too. Dhara is shocked.

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