Pandya Store 24th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha Saves Dhawal from Danger

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 24th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Natasha frantically running to save Dhawal while the tribals continue to search for them. Worried for Dhawal’s safety, Natasha anxiously awaits Suhani’s arrival. Meanwhile, Amba informs Suhani that they received a call from the camp about Dhawal’s disappearance, prompting them to head over there. Without hesitation, Suhani offers to join them, and they all leave in the car. During all this chaos, Suman receives a call from Natasha’s college revealing her absence. Concerned for her daughter, she and Chiku rush to find her. On the other hand, Natasha leads Dhawal to a safe spot, where she notices a gunshot wound on his arm and frantically searches for assistance. Finally arriving at the camp are Amrish, Chiku, Suman, Amba, and Suhani, where Amrish’s anger is directed towards Chiku.

Amba threatens Chiku, saying you want to marry my sister, did you notice your status? Suman says it’s enough, you left Isha suffering, where did your love go that time, you don’t value relationships, you’re talking status. Amba shouts Dhawal. Natasha asks Dhawal not to close his eyes. Chiku says I’m not scared of you. I’m here for Natasha.

They leave. The tribals come and see the blood stains. The guy says maybe they are here. Find them. Natasha asks Dhawal to open his eyes. She hugs him and cries. Ya rabba…plays…

We need to try again. Amba and everyone search for Dhawal and Natasha. The guy sees Suhani and asks what she is doing here. I have to leave from here. The guy runs. The tribals also rush. The guy sees Natasha and shouts. Natasha feels dizzy. They both fall down the cycle. Everyone rushes to help. Amrish sees Dhawal injured. Amba asks him to get up. Chiku holds Natasha. Suhani hugs Dhawal and asks whether he is okay.

Seeing them, Natasha cries. Suhani says she doesn’t want to know anything; she feels she’ll be losing you, so she wants to be with him. As Natasha gets sad, she keeps Suhani away. She holds Dhawal and says you can talk later, he’s shot, call the doctor. Suman asks Natasha if she’s hurt. Natasha says no. Amba pushes Natasha and scolds her.

The police and students arrive. Sir says we heard the gunshot, and we already called the ambulance. Natasha tells the police about poaching. The inspector says you don’t need to worry; they won’t survive. Suhani asks Dhawal to open his eyes. Police catch the tribals, and the guy worries as the inspector says they are doing illegal animal trade because of Natasha. Natasha asks if Dhawal is okay. He is with his family. Amba hugs him and cries.


Natasha saved my life. How shall I say goodbye to her? Amrish asks if you regret leaving Natasha. Dhawal says yes. Amrish says you can go home with Natasha, but there is a catch.

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