Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Keertan Confesses His Love for Shakti

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Keertan expresses his desire to marry Shakti, who is taken aback and attempts to flee, only for him to hold her hand. He implores her for a chance, promising to shower her with love and treat her like a queen. However, their moment is interrupted by Mandira’s arrival, who calls out to Keertan. He steps away from Shakti upon seeing her. With a glaring look from Mandira, Shakti confronts Keertan for playing with Rimjhim’s emotions and warns them not to interfere in their family’s affairs. She reveals the truth to Rimjhim and storms off, followed by Mandira in pursuit.

As Shakti makes her way towards Shiv’s cabin, she is stopped by a girl who reminds her of their class. Shakti politely declines, citing some urgent work. Seeing Shiv in the distance, she becomes apprehensive about skipping another lecture and attending class. Meanwhile, Mandira observes this exchange and reprimands Keertan for his foolish behavior. She warned him to avoid Shakti, but he did not listen. Keertan finally admits his mistake and hurries off to attend to his patients. With a smirk on her face, Mandira confidently states that his patients will not survive much longer now.

You have raised Shakti like your daughter, so she can at least do this for us. He asks Manorama to convince her to marry Shiv. We didn’t do her any favor by raising her, Manorama says. Rimjhim says you should be more worried about me because I’m your daughter. Chacha comes there and tells Manorama, “I’m not sure why this is happening with us.” She says she’ll try to speak with Shakti again.

Keertan is attending to his patients when Mandira arrives with a policeman. He immediately becomes concerned and asks, “What’s happening?” Mandira explains that there have been reports of fake doctors in the hospital. Although she assures him they conduct thorough background checks before hiring, the inspector wants to verify their credentials. According to the inspector, someone has tipped him off about the presence of these imposters in the hospital. Mandira requests for Keertan’s degrees to be checked, stating that she will not hesitate to report any fake doctors, even if it means her son. The inspector trusts Mandira’s words and leaves. Keertan sighs in relief while Mandira reassures him, saying, “As long as I’m by your side, no one can harm you.” She embraces him, and he expresses his gratitude for her. With determination, Mandira instructs Keertan to follow her as she leads them away from the situation.

After leaving her class, Shakti unexpectedly encounters Shiv. As they lock eyes, she attempts to engage him in conversation. However, he seems eager to depart. In a last effort to connect, Shakti suggests they cross paths again to avoid further discord. She wants to have one final conversation with him before parting ways. Curious, Shiv inquires about the purpose of their interaction. With a heartfelt tone, Shakti apologizes and offers gratitude for his constant support and friendship. She acknowledges that she may have crossed boundaries due to her admiration of him and expresses remorse for disregarding his social standing. Through her apology, she also thanks him for being a constant presence in her life and apologizes for confusing his help with romantic feelings.

As a student and teacher, I am grateful for your uniqueness. I apologize for assuming you could reciprocate my feelings and for burdening you. Please do not feel obligated to love me, but please do not end our friendship – it is my source of strength. She pleads with tears in her eyes as Shiv contemplates. “What if I told you that breaking this friendship is the last thing on my mind?” She bravely loves it while I fearfully shy away from it. You deserve more than I can offer; my love would only bring you pain. Shakti assures him that she will not ask for anything and vows never to cause pain or pressure him. She promises to cherish their friendship and assures him she will never marry him. Shiv looks at her intently as they continue the conversation.

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