Anupama – Written episode 24th Jan 2023

Anupama written update

Kapadia’s perform on stage.

Shahs and Kapadias get their feet tapping on the Naacho Naacho track. Vanraj and Leela witness Kavya and Mohit getting into the groove, which makes them none too pleased. Everyone then takes to flying kites, only for Maaya to cut the strings of everyone’s kite. A battle between Anupama/Anuj and Maaya’s kite ensues; the former pair trying with all their might to save their beloved craft. Little Anu not only cheers them on but appears sad when it is eventually cut by Maaya. Anupama wonders who could have managed such a feat, while Anuj tries his best to cheer her up. As they inspect the kite strands, they are surprised to find ‘Maaya’ and ‘Little Anu’ written across it, causing the latter to run forward and embrace her friend.

Anuj and Anupama meet MaaYa

Anuj and Anupama were taken aback by Little Anu’s conduct and went to Maaya. Little Anu introduced Maaya as her BFF, to which Anupama and Anuj identified themselves as her parents. Maaya affirmed that she was confident that Anu had informed them about her. Even so, they still needed more information. As she ran off to fetch their kites, both women immediately cautioned her against going too far away. Then Maaya sensationally declared that she is Little Anu’s real mother and came with the intention to regain her daughter no matter what and had come here today for the same purpose. Upon hearing this, Anuj and Anupama were stunned.

MaaYa wants Anu

Vanraj and Leela overhear their conversation, with Little Anu wishing them well and informing them of Maaya’s offer to visit. Anupama is reminded of Leela’s curse. The latter queries Vanraj if Maaya could really take away Little Anu, to which the former responds saying that should never happen as Anuj will surely investigate her background when he recovers, for both he and Anupama cannot be separated from their daughter. Leela comments that it is due to Anupama’s mistake of neglecting her own children for an adopted one that she is going through this plight; on hearing this, Vanraj advises her against speaking about what they just witnessed. Suddenly, Leela realizes that her curse worked on Anupama, now she will understand what it is like to be a member of a family in trouble. Anuj tells Anupama and Anuj that Maaya promises to come visit their house soon.

Vanraj is unhappy

In an auto, Vanraj takes Kavya home. Kavya says he should have taken a taxi because her skin and hair are affected. Vanraj says an auto costs 200 rupees, while a taxi costs 800 rupees. When Kavya asked Vanraj how her performance went, he said he didn’t like his wife wearing short clothes and sharing perfume with everyone. Regardless of his gender, Kavya says that it is part of her job, and even he would become a model if offered. He says it is different for him. The actress asks that just because he is a man, he should change his cheap mindset.

Anupama and Anuj want to know more about MaaYa

Little Anu tells Anuj and Anupama that Maaya told her that she came specially for her to take care of her at the camp. Anupama asks Little Anu what else she knows about Maaya. Maaya speaks less but she is very sweet, calls her sugar, wears an angel bracelet, and dresses well. Anuj sits tense. Maaya knows Anuj and Anupama will have a difficult time handling it, but she cannot let her right be snatched away. She will see them soon.


Anuj tells Anupama that no power in the world can snatch their daughter from them, he will give whatever Maaya needs but not his child. Maaya thinks her case strong and she surely will win. Little Anu goes missing

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