Meet 24th January 2023 Written Update

Jasodha and Sarkar welcome every guest walking into their home for the function. She remembers her oath and says to Sarkar that there are only 6 days left and that every day is getting heavier. The Ahlawats walk into their house with Manmeet. Sarkar and Jasodha welcome them. Manmeet welcomes them back. Jasodha asks where Meet is. Raj says she is in a meeting. Sarkar and Jasodha invite them inside.

In the sitting room, Manmeet is sitting. Jasodha walks in with Shagun and makes her sit beside him. Shagun is very excited beside him. Manmeet says if Ahlawat finds out about our plan, everything will go astray. Sarkar says let’s wait until Meet comes, then we will begin the ceremony. Raj says she won’t come. Sarkar says she will. Jasodha has gone to get her.

Jasodha walks to Meet and says if you want to tell me something, tell me, I am a lady, you are in love with Manmeet, and that’s why you are ignoring everything. Jasodha says you’re scared, Meet says I don’t have time for a relationship. Meet says I don’t have time for any kind of relationship.

As Shagun told Manmeet, if Meet doesn’t show up, then you won’t be able to marry me. Manmeet replied, “I also want to marry you, but I need to take my mother’s revenge first.” Meeting and Jasodha walk in. Jasodha walks to her and pushes the thali in the air. Flower and sindoor fall on Meet’s forehead. Jasodha thinks the saga is over.

In an apology to Meet, she gives him a gift. He opens the gift and finds an India jersey for the Olympics. Meet says if you practice with this T-shirt, you will get closer to your goal. The three of them look at Jasodha as he walks to her.

The drunk man walks up to Babita and says I’ve seen you somewhere. Raj asks him to leave. Shagun gets the ring and asks him to make her wear it. Manmeet holds the ring but drops it. Meet bends down to get up and gives him the ring. Manmeet says the ring really wants to go in your hand and make her uncomfortable. Manmeet asks Jasodha if they can talk for two minutes.

You have time to change your decision, Manmeet says, you know I’ll be happy with you, then how can I marry someone else, I imagine you with me while taking the trophy. You are holding a ring and still have no idea who you want to marry, Sarkar is trying to do something. He has some motives. Manmeet asks him how would he handle the situation if he married someone else. Say that everyone is waiting for you, get engaged and remember that now you’re someone’s fiance and she walks away.

Manmeet walks in and says let’s begin the celebration. A boy walks in and asks Manmeet to start with the ring ceremony so we can enjoy the dance. Her mother scolds him.

He walked in and said he will handle everything in the future. Raj and Babita said what are they teaching their children. Manmeet looked at Meet and said I failed this time, but I still have my best shots left.

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