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In response to Sumeet’s question, Poonam admits that she is a traitor, and that she has completed her second task successfully. Poonam blames Sumeet for attempting to separate her from Shlok and take him away. She plans to tell Shlok the truth herself instead of allowing Sumeet to do so. Shlok is there when she opens the door.

It doesn’t take long for Sumeet to pull Poonam back in. As Sumeet hugs Poonam, he understands the emotional weight she has been carrying. She says she’s sure Shagun blackmailed and picked you because mothers are the most vulnerable. Poonam is advised not to tell anyone about it because it wouldn’t look good for a mother to be embarrassed. She promises to win the upcoming tasks regardless.

Poonam is taken aback by her words. Sumeet gently removes the tears from her cheeks and promises to stand by her side, ensuring their victory. Seeking Poonam’s blessings and strength, Sumeet prepares to face Shagun. Overhearing their conversation, Ashok confronts Poonam about being a traitor. Priyanka reveals a white saree sent by Shagun, causing Ashok to realize that Shagun was already aware of Poonam’s widow status. Struggling with emotions, Poonam tearfully explains that she has chosen to keep the truth hidden from Shlok in order to spare him from the pain of learning about his father’s sacrifice.

Shagun asks Sumeet if she’s found the traitor yet. Sumeet demands to meet Akki. Shagun orders her men to bring Akki and defuse his bomb if Sumeet has finished her task. Ashok tells Poonam that Shlok struggled to accept his father’s death as a child and move on after his death. Shlok enters the room and asks what secret they’re talking about. Poonam quickly hides her white saree.

Sumeet tries to console Akki and offers him a laddoo. He tearfully inquires about his mother’s whereabouts. Sumeet warns Shagun against interfering in a son’s relationship with his mother. Shagun demands that Sumeet reveal the identity of the traitor. Despite accepting defeat, Sumeet pleads for Akki’s safety and is willing to face any consequences. Shagun then orders her men to deactivate Akki’s bomb. In return, she hands over a pair of ghungroo (anklet bells) for Sumeet to tie around her feet. Ashok and Poonam inform Shlok that Sumeet was disguised as part of a task, but since she failed, Shagun will be punishing her. They urge him to support Sumeet in this situation.

Shagun gifts Sumeet a crimson saree and instructs her to don it. Despite Shlok’s attempts to intervene, he is unable to prevent Shagun’s actions. Vani confides in Masoom that she believes Shagun is influencing Abhay, contributing to his unusual conduct. However, Vani holds a differing viewpoint. Unbeknownst to Vani, Abhay plots to harm her in hopes of causing a miscarriage and disposing of the unborn child. As these events unfold, Poonam prays for Sumeet’s well-being. Eventually, Shagun leads both Sumeet and Shlok to a brothel where she leaves Sumeet inside while Shlok waits in the car. The episode concludes with a worried Sumeet taking note of her surroundings within the establishment.


As Shlok apologizes to Sumeet, he applies Sindoor to her forehead and promises to remain with her forever. Raunak walks in and says I’m your husband, not him. Raunak is the next task for Shagun, he must be kept for the next seven days.

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