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Kavya says I need to find the orders, then dad will get the bail. Mayank asks what about the bribe money. She says that’s the next level. Omi says I had to do what dad told me, I became greedy for power. Adi says I expected this from dad, not you, you could not see a scratch on my hand, so why are you hurting me today, you did this to Kavya’s family. Mayank says I did not hear anything.

Kavya says even real ones don’t help. They go. Omi says I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have kept the money in Kavya’s pocket. Adi says forget it. He leaves. Mayank and Kavya try some kiddish things. They laugh. He asks if she likes Shubh again. She says no, why? He says he is coming home every day, you will find someone who will respect you. She says calm down, drink some cold water, I am not thinking about marriage.

She takes the cold drink glass. She recalls the kids’ words. She says you are amazing, this is your reward, you gave me this idea, come. He asks what idea. She sits reading some books. He asks is this your idea. She says see what I do now. He says there’s no one like my sister. They smile.

She threatens to get the proof and burn the papers. Kavya asks Anjali to make the kachoris in the morning. Joshi agrees. He burns the papers. Anusha asks for more snacks. She hugs Kavya. She says I can’t have the packed sweets at home, I want the laddoos made by Aunty. Mayank smiles at Anusha and greets her. Mayank smiles when he sees Anusha. Anjali pulls his ear and asks him to take Rajeev’s tiffin.

Kavya and Anusha check the power line taken from the orphanage and go to Vishal Industries. Anusha fools the official in an office. She gets the papers. The bill is 4000 and then 6 lakhs, how? Kavya claims Vishal Industries is stealing electricity, so I know how to prove dad innocent. Adi asks Malini about dad. Giriraj taunts him. Omi asks him will you do this with me?

Adi has informed me that you did not take into consideration both my feelings and my well-being. Unfortunately, your decision to do so has caused Kavya to dislike me. On a positive note, congratulations on being confirmed for the party seat. Adi then left and Omi became upset. Malini then approached Omi and questioned why he was disregarding his morals. He explained that he learned this behavior from her in order to keep their father happy. Upon hearing this, Adi became upset. Meanwhile, Kavya went to Vishal Industries to meet with someone. She asked him how she could be assisted and explained that her father was in jail for working in the electricity department. The man became concerned and told her that they were not affiliated with that department as they are a private company. Kavya then confronted him about stealing electricity from an orphanage and warned him of potential legal consequences.

Adi and Giriraj engage in a heated discussion. The latter advises Adi to drink milk to enhance his analytical skills. Adi, on the other hand, expresses his desire to learn from Giriraj’s ability to put money in a packet. However, Giriraj denies any involvement and shifts the blame onto Kavya. When Adi questions what would happen if his own son accused him of the same thing, Giriraj suggests that Adi has already made up his mind not to trust him. Unfazed, Adi reveals that he has evidence in the form of a recording and threatens to involve the police. In response, Giriraj challenges him by saying there is no proof of his alleged actions before asking how he found out about it since Adi had not mentioned it earlier.

The man says don’t involve the police. Kavya asks him to have a separate meter for his factory. She asks who did you bribe in the electricity department. He says no one. She says don’t think I’m a fool. Giriraj shouts Omi. He calls Omi and asks what did you say to Adi. Adi plays Giriraj’s recording. He says Omi didn’t tell me anything, you just told me. He asks what you want. Adi says you must sign and stamp the paper. Giri checks the paper.

Joshi requests the man to investigate the cause of the power failure. Kavya then presents evidence, revealing that Vishal Industries has transferred funds to Joshi’s wife and son’s bank accounts. Joshi becomes anxious. Giriraj questions Kavya’s actions and allows her to do as she pleases before leaving. Omi stops Adi and apologizes, admitting that he had informed their father about the situation. Adi clarifies that he is not like their father and will not deceive Giriraj, despite Kavya thinking otherwise. Omi breaks down in tears. However, Giriraj returns and signs the necessary documents, expressing disapproval towards Adi’s actions. Adi defends himself by saying that what may seem wrong now could prove to be beneficial in the future. He then takes his leave.


My dad is in jail, but thanks to you and Giriraj, my dad will be released and able to celebrate Diwali at home. Adi is shocked.

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