Agnisakshi 21st April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 21st April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode commences with Satvik confronting Rohit Vohra for daring to touch his wife, Jeevika. He firmly claims that Jeevika belongs to him. Rohit responds with a mocking ‘Your wife?’. Enraged, Satvik launches into a physical attack, repeatedly demanding how Rohit could lay a hand on Jeevika. He reiterates that she is his wife. Pradeep, Rajnandini and Rohit’s father intervene in an attempt to stop the escalating violence. Eventually, Jeevika herself pleads with Satvik to cease the assault and he complies. Concerned about her wellbeing, Pradeep and Rajnandini both ask Jeevika if she is okay. Rajnandini expresses regret that Jeevika ever crossed paths with Rishi as it ultimately led to this unfortunate situation. Satvik takes responsibility and states that it was not Jeevika’s fault.

Rajnandini insists that Papa will hold you accountable for the crore losses if this deal falls through. Jeevika advises Satvik to let it go. In response, Rohit’s father apologizes to Satvik. Rajnandini reminds them that they have already punished him for his mistake. Satvik argues that he didn’t make the mistake intentionally and questions why anyone would do so. Finally, Rohit asks if Satvik has realized who he should be fighting for. Jeevika suggests they leave, but before they can, Satvik grabs her hand. Just then, Rao arrives with the news that the deal between Savitri Silks and Vohras has been finalized and congratulates them. Rajnandini claims that she has reviewed the papers and everything is in order. However, Satvik reveals that he had mistakenly signed the deal papers and proceeds to tear them up and throw them at Rohit in anger.

Pallavi compliments you on the lovely bangle you’ve given her. However, she received only one bangle and is now wondering which hand to wear it on. Just then, Sukanya walks in. Pallavi fabricates a story about getting the bangle from a chit fund. Sukanya questions if she’s obtaining the bangle through Jeevika and declares that she can handle her own affairs. Rohit demands an explanation for tearing up the contract papers. Rajnandini suggests they discuss it later. Satvik proudly claims his authority as Satvik Narayan Bhosle and proclaims that this city and office belong to him. He dismisses the deal as insignificant compared to Jeevika’s dignity and ushers her out of the room. Rajnandini follows the Vohras and assures them that everything will be resolved, reminding them that Satvik is newly married and probably acting on emotions.

According to Rohit’s father, men will not tolerate their wives being insulted, regardless of how long they have been married. He also believes that Satvik’s actions towards Rohit were justified. Rohit acknowledges his father with a casual “pops.” Mr. Vohra also mentions that if he had disciplined Rohit properly in his childhood, Satvik would not have had to intervene. He supports Satvik’s actions and adds that it was fortunate for Rohit that the deal fell through because otherwise he would not have been able to face Satvik. As Mr. Vohra heads off in the lift, Rohit confides in Rajnandini, calling his father an old man and urging her to either seal the deal or return all his money with interest. This angers Rajnandini.

Satvik acknowledges that Jeevika’s actions have taught him a valuable lesson. He expresses his regret for not being able to witness her standing up to the person who wronged her. Jeevika sympathizes with him for missing out on the incident. Satvik admits that he wouldn’t have known about her strength if she hadn’t come to confront him. Jeevika takes responsibility for bringing tiffin to Satvik, but he corrects her by saying it was actually his mother’s mistake to send the tiffin in the first place. He reminds her that it is not her fault and questions whether her family taught her the belief that a husband can never be wrong, referencing the term “pati parmeshwar.” Satvik encourages Jeevika to smile and notices Pradeep observing them. He apologizes to Pradeep and notes that their elder brother may be displeased with him now. Jeevika offers Satvik some food and then leaves.

Rajnandini explains to Rao that returning the money would be a dishonor to it. She assures him that they will proceed with the deal. Curious, Rao asks how they will go about it. Rajnandini then proceeds to speak with Satvik, commending him for standing up against Rohit and advocating for respect towards women. She believes someone like Rohit, a demon in her eyes, deserves to perish. Satvik reveals that Jeevika’s intervention prevented him from taking extreme measures against Rohit. Rajnandini praises Jeevika’s handling of the situation and agrees with her stance that the deal must still go through. However, Satvik makes it clear that he will never compromise his integrity by mortgaging his house for any agreement.

Rajnandini attempts to persuade him, but Satvik declines the deal and warns that if he ever sees the person again, they will not be seen by anyone. She commends his strong feelings for Jeevika and remarks that it is true what they say about love developing when two people live together. This stirs up emotions in Satvik. After Rajnandini exits, Rao points out that despite all her efforts, Satvik still refuses to sign or forgive Rohit Vohra. However, Rajnandini remains optimistic about their blossoming love and declares confidently that she knows how to convince him. They share a smile.

As Satvik returns home, he is greeted by Pradeep who invites him to a nearby tea shop. There, Pradeep inquires about the incident where Satvik had beaten someone. Satvik justifies his actions by stating that he spared the person out of compassion. However, Pradeep brings up the matter of a large deal and questions Satvik’s priorities. In response, Satvik explains that Jeevika holds great importance for him. Pradeep expresses his initial dislike towards Satvik due to the fear of losing his sister to him. However, upon getting to know him better during their marriage, Pradeep thought he was the right person for Jeevika. He reveals that he even brought Jeevika back home in hopes of Satvik realizing her worth in his absence, but it did not happen as expected.

He claims you didn’t have the answer before and even now. He adds that the answer is no longer necessary as your silence has already given me all the information I needed. Watching today’s action scene reminded him of his younger days. Satvik assures him that he is still young and strong, stating that no one knows this better than him (and playfully pinches his cheeks). Pradeep expresses his regret, to which Satvik responds that there is no need for apologies and jokes that if he were in Pradeep’s position, he would have beaten Jeevi even more. Pradeep explains to him that he has seen it all and asks him not to abandon Jeevi, as she is highly emotional and may have had many dreams with you.

In order to manipulate him against Satvik, Rajnandini tells him that Satvik has forgotten the company rules and has mixed emotions about business. She puts all blame on him and attempts to manipulate him against Satvik. Pradeep tells Jeevika that Satvik has proven that family respect is more important than money today, and asks Jeevika to return home. She gets happy when he says Satvik is a good guy and asks her to leave, and that her husband and home are waiting for her.

Narayan inquires about Satvik’s emotional state, questioning if he is still a child. Rajnandini reassures him, reminding him that Satvik has successfully managed Savitri Silks after Udkarsh. However, she also acknowledges his immaturity and urges Narayan to not lose hope in him. Pradeep chimes in, stating that if Satvik has proven himself capable of handling responsibilities, then he deserves a chance. Jeevika becomes emotional, while Narayan expresses his disappointment in his son’s actions. He promises to speak with Satvik and make him understand the importance of upholding the values associated with Savitri’s name. Pradeep encourages Jeevika to find happiness with Satvik and leaves the room. Jeevika proclaims that as long as they are together, they will be happy.

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