Agnisakshi 12th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 12th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Satvik is about to ring the doorbell when he thinks that everyone must be angry. He thinks with what right he should take Jeevika from here. He goes and sits in his car. Swara arrives in the room and sees Satvik from the window. She tells Jeevika. Jeevika looks at him. Pradeep tells Pallavi that Jeevika is her brother, so he brought her here, but she should not have come here and thought about her sasural.

Pradeep inquires about Pallavi’s affiliation with the group, questioning whether she is their legal representative or a borrower. Pallavi confirms the latter, revealing that they had received a significant sum of 42 lakhs from Satvik. Jhanvi then asks if he specifically came to see either her or Pallavi. Swara interrupts, directing Jeevika to contact Satvik and find out why he is present. Upon calling him, Jeevika inquires about his whereabouts and advises him to rest. Pradeep addresses Pallavi again, voicing concern over potential involvement in fraudulent activities and threatening to involve Kamlesh kaka if necessary.

As Manas talks to Satvik, he says Jeevika will certainly come out if she loves you. Satvik says she must have slept by now. Jeevika knocks on the car window. Satvik says she has come. Jeevika asks what he is doing here? She asks him to come inside. Satvik says he doesn’t want to trouble Pradeep. He enters the room and asks Swara about Jeevika. Tai has slept, so I’ll call her if you’d like.

Swara signs Jeevika to hide. Jeevika hides. Swara makes an excuse. Pradeep asks if she has a boyfriend problem? Swara asks him to check her phone. Jeevika tells Swara she needs her help. Swara says she knows and gets thrilled. In the car, Jeevika gives Satvik coffee and a blanket. He asks for toothpaste and household items and says we’ll build our house here. She jokes as well. In the car, they have coffee, talk, and sleep.

During the morning, the neighbors are laughing and staring at Satvik’s car. Sukanya finds it. She calls everyone. Manohar sees them and sends the neighbors. They laugh. Sukanya tells Jeevika she would have taken him inside. Manohar asks why they slept here. Jhanvi says I know why Aatya slept here because I was sleeping on the bed. Before anyone sees them, Manohar asks them to come inside.

Aadhya hears Swarada tell Aadhya that Satvik and Jeevika slept while talking in the car. Everyone laughs when Aadhya tells everyone. Rajnandini indirectly tells Bhosles that he must not do this. Narayan tells him that Satvik and Jeevika will romance due to their age. He asks Satvik to take a bath as he might be having back pain while sleeping in the car. Swara asks Satvik to sleep on the bed for some time. Pradeep taunts him, saying that even his servants might not be able to sleep on such a bed.

Sukanya inquires with Pallavi about their meal options, but Pallavi reminds her that their diets are carefully planned by the doctors. Satvik then asks Manohar if he can stay for a few days, to which Manohar agrees. Pradeep declines the offer, stating that he is used to a more luxurious lifestyle. He begins to elaborate, but Pallavi interrupts him. Satvik points out that Jeevika is able to adapt, prompting Rajnandini to try calling them both, though they do not answer. Juhi remarks that Satvik seems to have slipped from Rajnandini’s grasp, but she asserts that he is still under her control.


It was Satvik who destroyed Jeevika’s life, and you wanted to save him, Dada says. As Jeevika and Satvik do pooja, Jeevika tells Satvik that she does not care about others and is totally trusting him. Satvik rushes to Supriya and says, “I love you.” Jeevika sees him.

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