Agnisakshi 18th August 2023 Written Episode: Guru ji’s Wisdom and Unforeseen Revelations


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The Episode opens with Juhi urging Rajnandini to remain composed and stating that Guru Ji has destroyed her intricate scheming. She claims that their marriage is invalid and they cannot continue living together. However, Rajnandini believes they can stay together without anyone’s consent. Juhi declares that Rajnandini has failed, prompting a threat from her. Meanwhile, Guru Ji blesses Satvik and Jeevika for their new life together. The newlyweds thank him with folded hands. Guru Ji then invites Narayan for a private conversation. Pradeep advises Satvik and Jeevika that, ultimately, God’s will prevails and warns them not to make the same mistake again. He also advises Satvik to follow suit.

Satvik expresses that he never wanted to separate from his partner and is determined to keep their relationship intact. Pradeep embraces them, while Shlok says they were not invited for a hug. Aadhya playfully admits that they are shameless in this aspect. Swara asks Pradeep to step aside so the newlywed couple can embrace each other and congratulates Jeevika. Satvik reminds them of his presence as well. Since they are both getting married for the second time, Swara encourages them to pose together for a photo. Aadhya shares with everyone that her brother used to be known as the “show stopper” during his college days. Swara volunteers to take their selfie, while Shlok offers to take it himself after realizing that he has been chatting with Swara for a while now. He proceeds to click pictures on her phone.

Narayan apologizes to Guru Ji on behalf of Rajnandini. Guru ji responds, stating that Rajnandini was unaware of the reason behind their marriage. At that moment, Satvik arrives, and Narayan departs. Satvik informs Guru ji that he and Jeevika are facing a particular situation. Without hesitation, Guru ji replies that he knows their circumstances and warns them that numerous challenges will come their way. However, he encourages them never to give up and reassures Satvik that Jeevika will always remain by his side as his life partner. Confused about why Jeevika seems distant despite her love for him, Satvik questions the situation. In response, Guru Ji explains that it is due to a problematic circumstance beyond her control, which she cannot disclose at this time. He advises Satvik to understand and support her unconditionally. Satvik promises to do so with determination.

Pradeep reassures Jeevika that he understands her confusion, and she asks for his advice. He reminds her that she and Satvik are together because it is meant to be, as their reunion after divorce signifies. Meanwhile, Shlok approaches Swara and expresses his feelings for her. He mentions chatting with someone, realizing his love for her, and appreciating how she listens to him without getting annoyed. Swara inquires about the person’s name, to which Shlok replies that it is Mishti and they have plans to meet soon. As a result, Swara leaves the scene.

Manas expresses his frustration to Narayan about not being invited to his friend’s second wedding. Narayan explains that they didn’t think it was necessary, as it was just a regular ceremony. Aadhya chimes in, admitting the lack of invitation took her aback. Manas declares that he won’t let his anger subside so quickly. Aadhya attempts to soothe him by feeding him sweets, but Manas insists it will take more than one treat to calm him down. Narayan suggests there is a box of sweets nearby. Satvik approaches Manas and asks to speak with him privately. They move to another room, where Satvik reassures Manas that he is very content with his new marriage to Jeevika. Manas is taken aback, pointing out that they were already married before. Satvik clarifies that he didn’t honestly know or love her then, but now he does and they share a joyful dance.

Jeevika enters the in-house temple to place her old mangalsutra. She confides in Bappa, expressing her desire to share news of her divorce with everyone but never finding the opportunity. She admits feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. Suddenly, Guru Ji appears before her and acknowledges the tears in her eyes, assuming she believes this is her final day in the house. He questions if a mere piece of paper can sever ties of countless lifetimes before understanding the problematic position Jeevika faced in court. Surprised, Jeevika asks how he knew about her situation.

Guru Ji already knows what will happen in the future. He also shares that Jeevika’s marriage goes beyond simply providing an heir to the family; God has chosen her to safeguard and guide her loved ones. However, Jeevika doubts her ability to fulfill this role as she struggles to navigate her life. Guru Ji advises her to be patient and assures her that if she genuinely loves Satvik, she must stay in the house as it is her responsibility to be a protector and guide for her family.

Juhi inquires Rajnandini about her current activities. Upon finding an envelope, Rajnandini’s spirits are lifted. Curious, Juhi asks what the envelope contains. Rajnandini reveals that Jeevika’s report is as valuable to her as expensive jewels. Juhi questions her intentions with the report. Unwavering, Rajnandini proclaims her plan to seek justice for Narayan and Satvik by punishing Jeevika for betraying them. Bewildered, Juhi asks when Jeevika betrayed Narayan. Explaining further, Rajnandini mentions that Narayan had arranged this marriage in hopes of having grandchildren, but now he is on the brink of death due to his third heart attack. She declares it will be an enjoyable revenge. Meanwhile, Guru ji hands a thread to Jeevika, symbolizing guidance during tough times.


Rajnandini says they cannot go to Lonavala farmhouse because Udkarsh is captive there. Satvik tries to romance Jeevika. Aadhya wants them to go there for their honeymoon. Rajnandini says they cannot go because Udkarsh is captive.

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