Agnisakshi 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika’s Mysterious Disappearance!


Agnisakshi 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

A smile spreads across Shlok’s face when he thinks of Swara. Satvik teases him and asks if the glow is due to the cream or the girl. Shlok replies that he is talking about a friend. Jeevika arrives at the car, and Shlok sits in it. The doctor asks Jeevika about the medicine Dada had, and she says she has promised half a kilo modak to Baba, and that’s less, so I’ll offer 1 kg modak to him. He says you’re adorable.

She told me that the door to the room was open and told me she would close it and come. Even though we haven’t gone out yet, she believes everyone has reached the temple. She closes her room door and leaves, senses something, and closes the main door, but her saree gets caught. She finds the pallu torn when she takes it and wonders why the universe is stopping me from leaving. They head to the temple.

Satvik invites Jeevika to join him for a walk. She happily agrees, and they head out together. Lata and Aadhya playfully tease Satvik about Rajnandini. Narayan chimes in, mentioning that Rajnandini has a project to attend to. Satvik admires Rajnandini’s dedication. Shlok and Aadhya spot Juhi and strike up a conversation with her. Curious, Shlok asks Juhi what’s on her mind. She replies by requesting prayers for her marriage. Aadhya remarks that Shlok was right; otherwise, Juhi wouldn’t have been there without Rajnandini. Juhi responds that she doesn’t want to waste time with her. Aadhya clarifies that she came to see Jeevika Vahini, not Juhi. Hearing this, Juhi becomes vengeful towards Jeevika.

Satvik shares his dream with Shlok, who advises him to trust his instincts and search for Jeevika. Upon finding a holy thread, they are told by the seller that it is meant for married couples to tie together. Satvik ensures the thread is tightly tied before it unravels and falls. He urges Jeevika to join him before going inside the house. However, Jeevika receives a message informing her to go to the mountain to uncover information about Utkarsh’s disappearance and learn that one of their family members is involved in his case. Juhi appears and tries to persuade Jeevika not to go with Satvik.

Jeevika mentions I can go alone, while Juhi assures me she will inform him. As I reached the summit, I was puzzled by how the person knew that one of his family members had kept Dada away from his loved ones. Suddenly, a woman appeared behind me and gently touched my shoulder. But before I can even turn to face her, she forcefully shoves me off the cliff. As I plummet towards the ground, the wind drowns out my desperate cries for Satvik. Thankfully, a kind stranger hears my screams and rushes to my aid. Satvik frantically searches for me and turns to Juhi for answers, but she deceitfully denies any knowledge of my whereabouts with a deceptive smile.

Aadhya asks him not to worry when Satvik calls Jeevika and finds her phone. Satvik reads the message and wonders if she went to meet the guy. The guy who hears Jeevika tells the people he heard a woman fall from a cliff. He says she took a name with S. Satvik and asks if he knows Satvik. The guy says yes and asks him if he knows Satvik. As soon as everyone arrives at the mountain, Aadhya finds Jeevika’s mangalsutra.

Satvik asks where he got it. Aadhya signs him. Satvik comes to the cliff and shouts Jeevika. Everyone panics. Narayan calls the Commissioner and asks for his assistance. Satvik shouts Jeevika.


Swara asks what happened to Jeevika. Juhi says Jeevika is dead. Sukanya faints at this news.

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