Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, RV tells Khushi that he knows she called Armaan and said he molested her. Every time you tried to approach me, I stopped you. He says you called and lied to Armaan. He says you didn’t come to the mandap, but instead, the police came. The flashback shows Harleen asking RV about Khushi. RV says that she must be coming. The police arrive and arrest RV for molesting Khushi. She says she will marry me according to her wishes.

Khushi arrives at the scene, and RV urges her to inform the police. However, she remains silent. As the flashback concludes, RV expresses how Armaan took mercy on Khushi and even married her. But does she realize what I endured? He reveals that he and his family have gone through immense suffering, including his time spent behind bars. Unable to bear the accusations any longer, Khushi pleads to stop hearing it. Meanwhile, the police resort to violence to make Satyendra confess to Khushi’s whereabouts in the factory. RV reiterates how he and his family were subjected to immense pain due to false allegations against him. He shares how each moment in jail felt like an eternity for him.

Poorvi contacts RV, and he mentions her potential longing for his presence on their wedding night. Khushi interjects with an assurance that RV will not engage with Poorvi due to his lack of emotional attachment toward her. She also points out Poorvi’s innocence. In response, RV claims his former feelings for Khushi have been extinguished. Later, when Poorvi reaches out to RV again, he informs Khushi of her eagerness to speak with him and her trust in his noble character. He then reflects on the past events where he was severely beaten by the police, causing great suffering for himself and his family; his elder sister’s marriage proposal was canceled, his father suffered a heart attack, and his mother was shunned from the temple.

As the flashback begins, the ladies humiliate and taunt Harleen and her children. RV speaks up, acknowledging the suffering they have all endured. He questions whether someone like her, who lacks empathy, could truly understand and empathize with their pain. He reminds her that they have all endured so much, and now it is his turn to seek justice. He points out that she has inflicted a wound on him that will never heal. He mentions that he hopes girls like her will learn not to betray innocent guys. RV promises to seek revenge for all the insults he has endured, going as far as vowing to do something so impactful even her very soul will be shaken. Meanwhile, Prachi and Poorvi stumble upon RV’s car at the scene, and Khushi demands answers about potentially ruining her sister’s life again.

Prachi and Poorvi spot the white tempo in the distance but notice that the door is closed. RV shares his story, regretfully stating that he had been involved with the wrong person. He ponders on the fact that his mother faced struggles, his father suffered a heart attack, and his brothers lost their jobs all because of his mistakes. He laments about not being granted bail and facing humiliation and judgment from society. “You have single-handedly destroyed our reputation,” he expresses with pain. Fueled by anger and resentment, he eventually left the city and country to work abroad for long hours, hoping to gain immense wealth after being abandoned by a wealthy man.

He says then I realized, you are nothing for me, why would I love such a girl who has ruined me, and I do not want to see your face. He said it was your bad luck as you crossed the road with your mother and sister. He said I would ruin your sister’s life. I hired Satyendra, and he told me your relations are fake after seeing you there.

He says Satyendra wasn’t wrong and saw her again in the market with Armaan and Poorvi. The day you met with an accident, he said I saw you caring for Poorvi, not Armaan. Once more, he says, I saw you with Poorvi and discovered you loved her greatly, so I had to set up a marriage trap to give her double pain. That’s why I set up the trap.


RV threatens Khushi, declaring his intention to harm her sister as a means to inflict pain upon her. Just then, Poorvi and Prachi arrive at the scene accompanied by the police, witnessing Khushi lying unconscious on the floor while RV looms over her.

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