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The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Prachi to say something. Prachi asks him to say something. Ranbir asks her to say something. Prachi says yesterday you asked me something. She says yes. Ranbir gets happy and emotional. Prachi says yes, Ranbir. She is still driving the car. As Ranbir asks Prachi if she is okay, she replies that her family needs you, too. He tells Prachi to not be worried and he’s coming soon.

Prachi assures Khushi that their father is nearby and not to worry. Seeing a potential danger ahead, Ranbir stops the truck and quickly clears the path by throwing the grass off the road. As Prachi hits the brakes, she also covers Khushi’s eyes and closes her own. Ranbir manages to jump out of harm’s way just as a car approaches, while Prachi tries to bring the truck to a stop. The car ends up hitting the grass instead of their truck thanks to Ranbir’s quick thinking.

Ranbir is taken aback by the sight of the accident. After clearing the dust from the car, he notices Prachi and Khushi. Prachi regains consciousness and catches a glimpse of him before fainting again. Ranbir pleads for her not to give up and rushes to Khushi’s side. As Khushi begins to lose consciousness as well, Ranbir is determined to protect his family. He carefully places Khushi in the truck and gently lays Prachi down beside her. “I won’t let you go,” he assures them as he starts the engine and drives away from the scene.

Mihika requests Akshay to open the door and reminds him that if Prachi is alive, our love will never come to fruition. Growing impatient, Akshay orders her to stop and points out that she deserves to be trapped here. Abhay interjects and pleads for Mihika’s release. Dismissing his plea, Akshay questions his sanity and accuses Mihika of jeopardizing his family’s safety with her stubbornness. Trying to defend herself, Mihika admits to acting in order to protect her own family. However, Akshay scoffs at her and ridicules the idea of her being involved with Ranbir. He asserts that while Mihika’s life is ruined, he has everything he could want. This only angers Mihika more as she asks if her life is truly ruined. Unwavering, Akshay confirms it and blames Mihika for bringing in the wrong people into their lives.

Ranbir rushes to the hospital with Prachi and Khushi, frantically calling for a doctor as it is an emergency. The nurse inquires about their condition, to which Ranbir explains that his wife and daughter were involved in an accident and are injured. He asks if she can wait for the police to arrive before starting treatment. Expressing his concern, he questions her lack of compassion towards their situation and reminds her of the responsibility she holds for their well-being. Another nurse intervenes, suggesting they be admitted immediately while she takes care of the necessary paperwork. Agreeing to this plan, the first nurse instructs them to be taken to ward no 6 where the doctor will attend to them. Grateful, Ranbir expresses his thanks.

Vishaka inquires about the commotion and learns from Abhay and Divya that Akshay has locked Mihika in a room. Confused, she asks why he would behave in such a manner. Without explaining, Akshay abruptly leaves the scene. Vishaka then instructs Abhay to find someone who can help unlock the door and goes to check on Mihika. Meanwhile, Akshay contacts Ranbir to ask if he knows Prachi’s other phone number. But Ranbir denies knowledge and shares that he is at the hospital with Prachi as her car brakes malfunctioned and she met with an accident. Surprised, Akshay asks which hospital she is at and rushes there soon after learning it’s the city hospital.

Mihika asks Vishaka why Abhay went to get a locksmith. Vishaka replies that your brother took the keys. Mihika replies that Prachi must die.

He is asked to complete the form by the nurse. Ranbir says ok. The nurse says he’s a good husband and tells them he forced them to go against the rules. Your wife and daughter are fine, she says. She describes you as a good husband and person. Ranbir tells her he wants to be a good husband and make sure the wife gets all the moments she missed. He fills out the form and thanks her. The nurse says she’ll fast in order to find a husband like him.

Vishaka is taken aback when Mihika suggests harming Prachi. She reminds her of how important Prachi is to them and questions if Mihika is capable of such an act. Mihika’s response mentioning Ranbir only adds to Vishaka’s concern. She pleads with Mihika to focus on winning Ranbir’s heart instead of causing harm. Vishaka also brings up the fact that Khushi, who is close to Prachi, could be in danger if their plan is exposed. However, Mihika defends herself by saying she hasn’t done anything wrong and points out how Akshay’s hatred for her stems from his alliance with Prachi. This angers Vishaka as she fears for Akshay’s family falling apart because of their actions. In a desperate attempt, she asks Divya to call Prachi and urges Mihika to pray that nothing bad happens to her instead of wishing for her death. Vishaka is horrified when Mihika reveals her true intent – praying for Prachi’s downfall.

A song plays… Khushi is still unconscious. Ranbir recalls those moments and says his Khushi, my life and that his mom and dad love you very much. He says he is happy he is fine. Doctor says that she is fine and is under medicine effect. He asks him to sit outside. He asks Ranbir if I can love her for a second. Doctor says yes, she needs your love and blessings, she is your father. Khushi…don’t worry, your mother and I are outside to greet you.

When Ranbir arrives at Prachi’s ward, he inquires about her well-being from the nurse. She reassures him that she is safe and adds that the doctor wouldn’t have left her alone if she wasn’t. Ranbir then requests to stay with her for a few minutes but the nurse informs him that it is against policy. Despite his plea, the nurse steps out of the room. A while later, Akshay approaches and asks for the details of an accident case. The nurse directs him to the room number and mentions that Prachi’s husband needs to sign some paperwork. Upon hearing this, Akshay reveals himself as Prachi’s husband. The nurse clarifies that they consider Ranbir as Prachi’s husband and cannot pause treatment midway. Abhay joins in and agrees with Akshay’s statement while the nurse explains their protocol.

Akshay insists that he is Akshay and not Ranbir, questioning how a mistake like this could have been made on official documents. The nurse quickly calls for security as Akshay’s frustration grows. Abhay apologizes to the nurse and requests information about Prachi’s whereabouts. The nurse reveals that she is currently in room 505, along with his daughter who is in a different room. Akshay adamantly claims that Khushi is his daughter and not Ranbir’s. Abhay urges him to join him and they head towards Prachi’s room together. Overcome with emotion, Ranbir goes to Prachi’s bedside and gently places his hand on her head before softly kissing her forehead. He then takes a seat beside her, wiping away his tears.


A promise is made by Prachi that she will never separate herself from him by Ranbir. Akshay hears him. He tells Akshay that he keeps him away from Prachi because of his cheap tactics, and he tells him he knows all the truth, and he’s not Prachi’s husband. Akshay tells Abhay that love and war are all fair, so I won’t leave him.

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