Suhaagan 24th July 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Indu scolding the villager ladies to stop the dhol, and tells them that today is sangeet as well. Baldev tells them politely that a big program will be happening now and asks them to enjoy. Rose stops Nikku and tells him she has applied his name on her hand. Phoolmai stops him. Nikku calls her sister and tells her that he is a brahmachari. Sakshi invites Bindiya to join her on stage, and Bindiya and Krish sit together.

Sakshi says first Shukla family will dance. The Shukla family dances. Payal holds onto the letter and waits for the chance. After Rose and Phoolmati dance, Nikku joins them on the song Kala Chashma. Payal decides to do her work as everyone is busy. She goes. Sakshi calls Payal for the dance performance. Bindiya wonders where she went.

It is Payal’s turn to keep the letter in her lehenga. She dances along with the dancers during the song Aaj ki raat…… Krish and Bindiya watch her dance performance. Everyone applauds her. As Payal says, the most anticipated performance of the evening will be my sister Bindi and jiju Krishna’s. She asks them to take center stage. Bindiya is taken to the center stage by Krish, who holds her hand.

Bindiya and Krish dance to a slow tempo song…tum kya mile…Payal thinks I can’t waste time, and will carry out my plan immediately. When Bindiya finds the letter missing, she wonders where it went. Krish says he has another surprise for her. Payal finds the letter on the dance floor and wonders how to get it. Krish dances to hello hello… with his family.

A letter is picked up by Payal. Baldev pats her shoulder. Payal says it was on the floor. Baldev says let me see. Payal gives him the letter and thinks he will doubt me if he reads it now. When Krish arrives, Baldev asks him not to work today, since tomorrow he will be married. He keeps the letter in his pocket. They all go to the dance. When Krish sees Payal dancing, he wonders why she is so relaxed when I will be married tomorrow.

The dadi informs the others that they will leave now. They find Krish and Payal missing. Rose says she went to the washroom. Sakshi says Krish must be with his friends. Bindiya awaits Payal. Krish enters the washroom and keeps his hand on Payal’s mouth. He asks her to keep her mouth closed and says tomorrow he is marrying your sister.

Krish says this is wrong, stop this game. Bindiya comes there just then and tries to open the door. He asks her to think about her sister at least. Payal calls Krish. Bindiya says I’ll call everyone, and Krish says we’ll go out and tell everyone. Payal becomes concerned.


When Bindiya finds Baldev’s letter in Payal’s suitcase, Baldev informs her that he has decided to name Krishna’s property in his name in order to protect his future. When Payal hears Baldev, she thinks to herself, “Sorry Bindi, your marriage is over.”.


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