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The Episode opens with Payal strolling down the road, lost in thoughts about Krish being Bindiya’s potential bridegroom. She is jolted back to reality when a car comes dangerously close, but luckily Bindiya steps in to save her. Bindiya questions why she didn’t hear the car approaching and Payal explains that she had earplugs on. Bindiya expresses concern for her well-being and reminds her to go see Dadi. Payal quickly mentions needing to submit a project at college and tells Bindiya to check in with Dadi. As they part ways, Bindiya assures her that she will pray for a solution to her problem. Payal retorts by saying that Bindiya is the root of her troubles and wishes she could erase her from her life.

Vikram informs Krish that he has recently graduated. Sakshi captures a selfie of the two to share on social media. Indu compliments Krish as the first graduate from their college. However, Krish admits to feeling trapped by the metaphorical jail controlled by Ballu. This prompts laughter from Sakshi and Vikram before Krish receives a call from Payal and leaves. Sakshi suggests throwing a party, to which Indu wonders about arrangements. Vikram offers to take care of them himself. Meanwhile, Bindiya reminisces about Krish with a smile and ponders why she keeps seeing him everywhere she goes. She receives a call from Baldev but apologizes for mistakenly calling him previously, prompting him to ask her to call more often in the future.

Krish arrives at the college and discovers the arrows. Memories flood back of his similar gesture towards Payal. As he enters, he assumes she must be trying to surprise him again. The familiar tune triggers thoughts of their past moments together. Suddenly, he recalls the moment he proposed to her. However, upon finding crossed-out photos of them, Krish questions Payal about it. She explains that their love story began with this gesture and should end with it as well. Krish then confesses how his father has chosen an uneducated girl for him to marry, but he firmly refused to comply.

Payal’s smirk quickly turns into a hug as she reveals her concern to him, saying that once again she finds herself orphaned. In response, he promises not to let her go through it again before leaving. With determination in her mind, Payal refuses to let her dreams shatter. Meanwhile, Bindiya persuades Dadi to have food, but Dadi is hesitant. Bindiya reassures her that she will consider it and urges her to eat something. However, Dadi reminds Bindiya that this doesn’t necessarily mean yes. Bindiya clarifies that it also doesn’t mean no. As Rose asks for chocolate, Bindiya politely declines, stating that the chocolate is hers and she cannot give it away but promises to get another one for Rose. Excitedly, Dadi calls Baldev and informs him about Bindiya’s change of heart. Baldev shares the good news with Ishwar and suggests celebrating by providing food for 101 people.

Sakshi informs the waiter that a large group of 100-150 people will be arriving, and requests that everyone’s plates remain filled. She then updates Vikram on Krish’s recent academic achievement of scoring 94%, to which Vikram responds by revealing Krish’s score of 42.94%. Sakshi commends Vikram for his uniqueness. Indu expresses her joy upon seeing the event poster. Baldev joins them and shares in the excitement as he learns that Krish has graduated. Vikram mentions that they’ve put up posters everywhere to celebrate. Just then, Krish arrives and muses about how things might have been different if he had not passed, mentioning Payal’s previous concerns about an illiterate girl attending the event.

Dadi tells Payal that Bindiya’s no is changing into a yes for the marriage. Baldev says Bindiya will become this house bahu. Krish asks him to arrange Vikram’s second marriage with her. Sakshi is shocked. Baldev lashes out angrily at him. Krish asks if he loves his son this way. Indu says she can’t bear and says the illiterate girl cannot come bahu of my house. Baldev asks everyone to leave his house.


When Payal asks Bindiya why she agreed, she replies that she agreed for Dadi. Krish tells Baldev he cannot marry that illiterate girl, but he can leave the house.

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