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She tells Raj that she cannot marry Raunak because love is the most important element of marriage, and she doesn’t love him. Raj agrees and promises not to mention Raunak again. This angers Raunak, and he bangs his hand on the wall. After receiving her scorecard, Sumeet informs Raj that she has been accepted to a music college in London, which has always been a dream of hers. Masoom gets irritated because her plan has failed.

As Raunak prepares to depart, Shlok halts him and taunts him for his apparent disappointment in the failure of his plan. Raunak retaliates by pointing out that while Shlok may excel in exams and music competitions, he will eventually surpass him in the game of life. Shagun warmly greets Shlok’s mother and inquires about her purchases. She responds with a list of groceries and items for offerings and blessings. Pankhuri arrives, and Shagun compliments her on her appearance, calling her cute. However, she then insincerely critiques the rose in Pankhuri’s hair. Pankhuri explains that Sarthak had given it to her as a way to please her.

Shagun presents Pankhuri with a diamond-embellished clip and advises her to pay a visit to Vani. She suggests that Pankhuri should also consider changing her saree. Upon arriving at the Ahlawat residence, Pankhuri warmly greets Vani and offers her an expensive pair of airpods as a gift. However, Vani is unable to utilize them due to her hearing impairment and must rely on a hearing aid instead. Pankhuri proceeds to tease Vani about her difficulty in hearing properly. Masoom happens to notice Pankhuri discreetly taking some cashew nuts and keeping some for herself, causing Masoom to judge Pankhuri as being stingy and not worthy of being associated with the Choudhary family.

The question is asked by Masoom of Pankhuri’s relationship with Abhay, and Pankhuri replies that she is his cousin. She reminds Masoom of the alliance between Raunak and Sumeet. Sumeet offers Pankhuri chopsticks instead of other cutlery, assuming she expects humiliation because she does not know how to use chopsticks.

While Sumeet sits in front of her, he teaches her how to use chopsticks without mocking her. As Pankhuri uses the chopsticks to eat, Sumeet reminds her that disabilities should not be mocked and stands up for Vani. Vani smiles when she hears their conversation.

Sumeet hopes Raj will sign the London college application soon. Shagun calls Masoom and tells her they will need to postpone Vani and Abhay’s wedding, which shocks her. Indirectly, Shagun taunts Masoom for having difficulty convincing her family members to agree to the alliance because she has a meeting abroad.

In an uncontrollable cry, Masoom tells Sumeet that Vani’s marriage is at risk because Shagun will only allow it if Raunak and Sumeet marry as well. She pleads with Sumeet to agree to the alliance with Raunak for Vani’s sake.

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