Meet 4th March 2023 Written Update


The woman is crying for her luck. She says everyone told her to make her own path, but she still has no path to follow. Jasodha offers her hanky and says because you are female that’s your answer. According to Jasodha, your first mistake was thinking you would win against a man and your second mistake was thinking you could manipulate Shagun, which I have no knowledge of, this is my house and I know everything, I saw you talking to her and exchanging documents with her.

She hands over the documents to Meet and asks her to leave. Jasodha says she feels like clapping for you, she shows her documents and says you wanted these right. She checks the documents and says Shagun burned them. Jasodha says I saved them after Shagun and Manmeet left. Meet wonders why.

Jasodha exclaimed that her son’s life was ruined because of the adversary, who made his hand burn while talking about his defeat. She tearfully sat down and explained how she had to give him away when he was young due to medical problems. Staying apart from him for 24 years, she couldn’t do anything to keep him alive, but now enough is enough – her son returned after a quarter of a century and no force can take him away from her again. Thus, she determined to bring joy to her son’s life by giving Shagun, handing over the documents requested and asking the other party to leave; it was all over.

Having been informed that I have documents, Meet asks how you will manage your husband and everyone. Jasodha says I can do anything for my son’s happiness, and you can leave with your documents without worrying about me. Jasodha leaves. With the documents, Meet stands at the door and says now I have them. Jasodha sees Sarkar walking and asks what was she doing outside late at night. Jasodha replies that she was walking outside. Sarkar replies that Chaudhary will be coming with his son to see Meghna.

The reason why they are coming to Meghna suddenly isn’t clear to Jasodha, and Sarkar replies that Meet is celebrating because of Meghna’s further studies and he walks away. As soon as Meet leaves, Jasodha says to herself that her studies will cease automatically, and she apologizes to Sarkar for lying.

Narendra gives money to Sapna and says we have to break all the rules and regulations of this house because nothing is more important to me than our child and you, so we will need this money tomorrow when we go to the doctor, and I will tell everyone you’re going home. When someone asks Guniya about me, Imarti will say that I’m pregnant with a baby boy. When everyone is asleep, Sundari says she will sneak out of the house and go to the hospital.

I’m worried about tonight, Imarti says to herself. Sarkar asks Badri to close all the doors and he calls everyone in. Badri locks the door and asks Meet to go inside. Meet walks in. Everyone gathers in the common area. Jasodha asks what happened. Sarkar says I gave you money to keep it safe. Jasodha says it’s in the locker. Sarkar says someone stole 2 lakhs from the locker, and the thief belongs to this family. When people already get what they want, why would they steal money? Manmeet asks.

According to Sarkar, no one came from outside, and I won’t let anyone leave until I get my money. I’ll check everyone, and the culprit should be prepared for punishment. The money might be found in our room, Narendra says. He gets scared and says what will happen if they find the money I got from selling my necklace, how will I explain it all? Anuja is already out, thanks to God, Sundari thinks.

Jasodha thinks I have to stop them from searching Meet or else they will find the documents. Jasodha asks Sarkar why do you think someone will steal from everyone in our family. I’ll investigate. As Sarkar says, I have already done it. Someone has stolen money and no one will move until I get the money; whoever stole it must come forward or you will regret it a lot if I find out about you.

Sarkar says if no one comes forward, they will all be searched. Shagun says I know the thief, she walks towards Meet and says she’s a member of our family, but not ours. Sarkar says Meet won’t be trusted, she will be searched. Jasodha thinks if she is searched, everyone will know about the documents and we will both be trapped, how should I proceed?

Shegun searches for Meet. You’re right, I’m not a member of this house and I don’t want to be, but that doesn’t mean I’ll steal something; if anything goes wrong in this house, why always am I the suspect? Yesterday, Manmeet believed I smoked cigarettes, but I was proven wrong, now someone has taken the money, why are you accusing me?

Shagun says we’ll know reality after searching for you, I believe you’ll have enough money and start searching for her. Jasodha says wait, Shagun, she walks toward Meet and says I’ll search her, so you go and check her room. Shagun says no, I’ll search her, just enjoy. She thinks I have to distract their attention away from me, but how?

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