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Shlok and Poonam in the room. Poonam says to Shlok that Sumeet will leave you when you become poor, just as your aunt left your uncle Ashok. Sumeet enters the room where Shlok and Poonam are having a conversation. Shlok hides his trophy and questions Sumeet’s presence. Besides looking for him, she also wants to speak with Poonam.

In a cup of turmeric milk, Poonam tells Sumeet that Shlok is making a significant sacrifice so she can be with him. As Shlok prepares to pack his achievements into a box, he considers whether to choose his love for Sumeet or his dream of becoming a singer. In response to this revelation, Sumeet vehemently objects, refusing to allow Shlok to sacrifice her for her sake.

Poonam hands Sumeet flight tickets and urges her to leave Shlok’s life without further questions. Despite Sumeet persisting in asking about Shlok’s sacrifice, Poonam avoids the topic by emphasizing her role as a mother. She assures Sumeet that she is not lying about her son’s happiness. Reluctantly, Sumeet agrees to leave on the condition that Poonam reveals the truth. However, their conversation is interrupted by Shlok entering the room, offering excuses and tearing up the flight tickets. He declares to Sumeet that she is his greatest happiness and encourages her to go rest.

Shlok pulls Poonam aside for a conversation, revealing that Sumeet had made significant sacrifices to be with him. He expresses his confidence in her ability to adapt to their family dynamic and the importance of finding joy in the simple things. Shlok declares that he has already chosen Sumeet and has no intention of ever leaving her. This confuses Sumeet, as she senses there is something being kept from her by both Shlok and Poonam. Determined to uncover the truth and ensure Shlok’s happiness, Sumeet participates in the traditional “grah pravesh” ritual.

Poonam instructs Sumeet to pick up plates silently to symbolize unity in the household. As Sumeet struggles to balance the plates in one hand, Poonam insists that Sumeet complete the task. Shlok tries to intervene, but Poonam insists that Sumeet complete it. Anju reveals to Poonam that she applied oil to the last plate to make it slip.

After catching the plate, Sumeet seeks the blessings of Poonam and her family. Shlok and his father cheer for Sumeet enthusiastically. Dadi explains to Anju why the plates don’t slip because she gave Sumeet a magnet. In a flashback, it is revealed that Sumeet was given a magnet by Dadi before the ritual. In the same way that the magnet keeps the plates together, Sumeet’s love binds the family together.

As Sumeet sat alone, Shlok appeared with a cup of coffee that he claimed to have made. She enjoyed the coffee and even compared it to one from a cafe, causing Shlok to remember Poonam’s words about his sacrifice. This piqued Sumeet’s curiosity about what sacrifices Shlok had made for her, but he avoided the question. When she requested a romantic song, Shlok hesitated and gave excuses, worried that his singing voice would give away his true identity as wonderboy. Little did he know, Poonam was listening in on their conversation. He eventually left the room, leaving Sumeet feeling perplexed.


Shagun’s goons vandalize the house. Everyone is in shock. Someone throws a bowl at the dinner table. Shagun taunts Sumeet by accusing her of being bad omen. Everyone outside the house. Shagun closes the door on everyone’s face. Everyone outside the house.


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