Meet 18th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet meets with Shagun, who immediately brings up the topic of the second game. Sumeet responds by stating that she will not participate in any games until she sees Akki. After connecting to a video call, Sumeet talks to a fearful and sobbing Akki, who pleads for her help. Taking the phone back, Shagun blindfolds Sumeet and uses saffron, which she had previously suggested herself, causing Sumeet to recognize the familiar scent. Shagun questions how Sumeet was aware of her idea, as it was originally hers. She then reveals that one of their family members had betrayed her and shared the information about the saffron with her. Presenting photos of all the family members, Shagun accuses one of them of trying to sabotage her chances in the game.

As her second task, Shagun tells Sumeet she needs to find the family member who shared the information. Masoom brings juice and snacks to Vani and asks if she’s going alone to the doctor. Vani hugs Masoom and gets emotional. Abhay apologizes to Vani for his behavior. In a flashback, Masoom taunts Abhay about his past, and he cannot forgive Vani’s mistake. Vani comforts him.

Priyanka tells Shagun that she’s trying to break their family’s unity with this task. Shagun reminds her that on one side there is Shlok and on the other there is Akki, so she must find the traitor. She stumbles and falls into Raj’s arms. Vani asked her to apply mehendi. Raj mentioned Priyanka was a family member, but Priyanka defended her job and how it helped her family, leaving Raj speechless.

Raj suggests that if someone is a traitor, their true nature will be revealed. Priyanka misunderstands Raj’s words and thinks he’s doubting her family.

Sumeet’s family prepares for Teej and plans a surprise for her. Abhay blames the baby for his issues with Vani and hopes things will improve once the baby leaves. The family cheers for Sumeet and enjoys with her. Rajiv asks Sumeet what her next task will be. When Priyanka arrives home, she taunts Sumeet and accuses her of doubting the family. She wonders why Sumeet doubts them and believes that someone helped Shagun.

A family member questions Sumeet, and Shlok becomes uncomfortable and recalls the first task. As the family members interrogate Sumeet, Shlok becomes agitated, scolding Sumeet and throwing boiling milk at her. He tells Sumeet not to break the family and compares her to Shagun. Sumeet cries and denies it. Shlok urges Sumeet not to participate.


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