Meet 6th February 2023 Written Update


Meet in anger walks towards Manmeet in Meet’s room. Manmeet wonders how Meet fell for him so easily. Meet at the door looks at him laughing. Shagun scolded Meet for making him handicapped. Meet slapped him hard. Manmeet shouted.

Upon entering the room, Babita asks to Meet what he is saying. Meet says go and tell your family this slap is for them too. It is apparent to Meet Ahlawat that everyone thought he was back after seeing him, but he is actually a fake. He shows everyone his other hand and says he is the son of Sarkar and Jasodha.

Manmeet says everything is true and laughs at everyone’s faces. Manmeet says I am Sarkar’s youngest son. Babita in shock says Meet may have lied. Meet says this marriage is a cheat and even the government won’t agree on it. Manmeet says we believe in this marriage so I don’t care what happens to you now that we are married.

As Babita falls to the floor in shock, Meet realizes it was just an imagination and sees Manmeet take blessings from Raj and Babita. After so long, Gunwanti says to Jasodha, you must tie your hair and eat food to fulfil your oath, so she asks for 56 Bhog to be prepared for you. Imarti passes the plate, but she drops it. Everyone is terrified.

Babita said these are happy tears, I am so happy to have Meet as our daughter and sent Manmeet as our son. Raj asked Babita to handle her emotions. Manmeet asked Meet what happened to you, so let’s go down. Babita looks at Meet standing in the corridor and says come down, it’s time for the ritual.

As Jasodha approached them, he asked who dropped the thali and punished Narandra’s wife, who said you knew it was time for Sarkar nap and you were making loud noises, accusing her. Imarti laughed. Jasodha beat her too badly and cursed them for not giving birth to a baby boy. Meet and Manmeet walk downstairs.

Sodha calls Mahendra and asks him to call a videographer so that every lady can see what will happen to them if they try to act smart; today, every lady will see how painful the punishments are at Sarkar’s palace.

Meet Hood will not fall easily in front of Sarkar, according to Manmeet’s sisters. In Meet’s opinion, she has been cheated hugely, and how could she not see that, and no mother will ever take a stranger as a son from now on, and for your mother’s revenge, you tricked and played with Babita’s feelings and took advantage of the fact that you looked like Manmeet, and you cheated everyone.

Babita sees Meet Ahlawat in Manmeet and if she discovers the truth, she won’t be able to take it. I have to take my time and slowly tell her this truth. God may forgive Manmeet, but I will not.

When Meet stumbles, Babita says, “Take care of yourself, what would I do if something happened to you?” Meet replies, “I promise I’ll take care of myself and you all.” Babita blessed him. Meet thinks I have promised to answer Manmeet his way, and now he will regret it.

Manmeet thinks she will come back here, so do not worry about her. Raj says today is a new start, take care of your new life and relationships. Manmeet, Babita says you can stay with us, don’t hesitate. I agree I don’t have family, but I don’t want to be a burden. Nani left me enough, I earn too, I have Meet, and that is enough for me.


A man must ensure his wife remains within her limits, so Manmeet makes her cover her face with a ghunghat. Jashoda and her daughter-in-law force Meet to cross a cactus and enter the house.

Jashoda is told by Manmeet to have food right now.

Meet enters on her bike and shouts from behind, sorry for interrupting. Everyone is shocked to see Meet outside rather than inside.

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