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Sumeet thinks that if Shlok doesn’t gain consciousness then Bitti will get married to Shlok if he doesn’t gain consciousness. Doctour says he can’t comment right now.

Her family is informed that Bitti and Shlok’s wedding is in two hours. Despite her instructions to Anju, Shlok disagrees with their actions. Sumeet becomes anxious because time is running out, but Raunak remains unconscious. Family members question Poonam about her sudden decision. Shlok asks if she’s doing this because of Shagun, but Poonam sticks to her decision and manipulates Shlok emotionally into following her plan.

Ashok urgently contacts the priest, while Shlok suspects Shagun’s involvement. He insists on waiting for her to bless the wedding before proceeding. Despite Poonam’s objections, he offers to go retrieve Shagun himself and eventually receives permission. In the meantime, Shagun physically harms Priya and makes threats of legal action against Raj and Sumeet. Sumeet prays for Raunak to awaken so he can disclose the truth. While praying, she holds camphor in her hand.

Upon arriving at Shagun’s place, Shlok is determined to keep Sumeet from losing in any way. However, when Shagun commands her goons to face Shlok, they surprisingly switch sides. Meanwhile, Raj patiently waits outside Raunak’s room and notices him moving. Quickly informing Sumeet of the development, the pair come up with a plan to make Raunak confess. By tricking him into thinking it’s Diwali and that Shagun is running for an MLA election – garnering sympathy votes due to her comatose son – they are able to deceive Raunak successfully.

A nurse reports that Shagun did not visit Raunak once during his three month coma. The doctor lies to Raunak, saying he was in a coma for three months. Raj and Sumeet make him believe that once he wakes up, he will be killed. Sumeet pretends to attack him, and Raunak escapes. Shagun is restrained by Shlok, helping Priya escape, but she frees herself and knocks Shlok unconscious.

As Raunak darts onto the street, Sumeet realizes she must bring him before a judge to compel him to tell the truth. Simultaneously, Shagun arranges for Preeti to appear in court as well. Despite Sumeet’s efforts to stop him, Raunak persists in his escape attempts. Meanwhile, Raj and Sumeet locate Priya with Shagun. Raj assures he will care for Priya and advises Sumeet to focus on extracting the truth from Raunak. He suggests setting up cameras to broadcast the proceedings live. Undeterred by Raunak’s repeated evasion, Sumeet makes another attempt to confront him, but once again he manages to flee. Shagun’s goons block Raj from impeding her departure, and with determination, Sumeet seizes a trident from a nearby goddess idol and confronts Raunak with it.


He tells Raunak that today you will experience the rage of a woman when it comes to saving her husband and asks him to be truthful. Raunak gets up and says that Sumeet married Shlok that day. Sumeet says to Shagun that I lost today, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take revenge.

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