Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th September 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Sahiba tells her parents that some relationships are weak and break down, she leaves Brar Mansion and will never return. Ajith asks her to return home. Sahiba asks if he believes that if his daughter cannot care for herself, they both should bless her to take on her new journey. She insists that she return home when her parents are alive and won’t let her walk alone.

As Sahiba asks her to explain mom and support, Ajith says he is with her no matter what. Keerat says even she is with her. Riddhi and her friends watch Sahiba hide. The friend says the whole college was laughing at Riddhi after she was scolded by the warden. Riddhi decides to get revenge on Sahiba.

Sahiba attends an open class on a cliff. Students are asked to draw a painting by taking inspiration from the surroundings. Sahiba stands nervous. The teacher says he thought she would do well because she has already made paintings based on her family events. Sahiba walks around the cloth dying area between drying clothes on rope. A man hums a song around her. She slips and is about to fall into boiling water when a man pulls her away and hides her.

Sahiba begins her painting when a pink cloth falls on her. She recalls dancing with Angad’s pink jacket and expressing her love for him behind him. The song Main Tere Liye Duniya Chordungi plays in the background. She is rescued by a boy who takes his cloth back. A man licks Sahiba’s photo hiding and thinks her eyes are so innocent, just like his mother’s eyes. In the gurudwara, Angad is crying.

When Seerat walks to him and comforts him, Angad says that she doesn’t need his help. She reminds him that he supported her when she was in pain, so it’s her turn to help him now. Angad says it’s of no use and asks her to go. Seerat says she will ask Sahiba why she did this to Angad. Angad says he wants to forget Sahiba, so he won’t question it.

Some of Sahiba’s painting falls out. Riddhi taunts her if she wants to leave her painting like her husband left her, that women don’t have their own identities if their husbands leave them. Sahiba says she’s mistaken, a woman can have her own identity, she’s an artist. Pyscho man hears that and thinks Sahiba is so confident, he’s her Mirza, and she belongs to him from now on.


Angad receives a flower bouquet and wonders if Sahiba sent it. Sahiba says she did not and finds a note from Mirza. A man grins psychopathically in the background.


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