Meet 31st March 2023 Written Update


Meet 31st March 2023 Written Episode Update

Seeing Raj on the stretcher, Manmeet gets nervous and rushes to him. Raj is covered in blood. Meet picks up Raj and Babita’s photo, and Anuja asks why he’s crying. Meet says he’s feeling bad, I think something bad is going to happen.

A doctor attempts to give Raj an injection, but Raj asks them to leave, and they walk away. Manmeet says everything will be fine, I’ll get Meet. Raj stops him and says I promised Babita we would both die together, and I cannot live without Babita anymore. Manmeet says he’ll get Meet and you’ll be fine, Raj holds his hand.

As Gunwanti performs some ritual on Shagun, she scolds her for attempting suicide. I know you love me a lot, and you know this beauty is my weapon, so why would I waste it? I don’t believe in dying for love, I believe in living. I took action so that Manmeet would take action against Meet so that now nobody could stop me from being with Manmeet. It seems so to Gunwanti, but she always stays no matter what.

Raj expresses his concern about not being able to get ahold of Manmeet and Meet states that he has to leave. Anuja pleads with him not to go, reassuring him that eventually, Manmeet will come around. Unable to reach Papaji on the phone, Jasodha comes up to them and offers to Meet the Bhagwat Geeta, telling him that whenever he is in trouble he can read it for comfort and reminding him that she supported Meet in his time of need. They suggest if there is anything they can do for Meet, all he needs to do is ask.

In Raj’s words to Manmeet, after we are dead, you should tell Meet anything about us. She has suffered a lot in her life, losing her father, her son, her mother, and her husband, whom she loved so much. If you tell her, she will break down. You are putting me in bad condition, Manmeet says, so how can I hide from her that you are dead? Meet reads the Bhagwad Geeta.

Raj says to Manmeet promises not to tell Meet about us until she finds the right person to spend her life with. Manmeet says to have strength and don’t worry everything will be fine. Raj dies. Meet is reading Bhagwat Geeta when the diya near her goes off. Meet walks tense to the diya.

Manmeet calls a doctor and nurse. The nurse walks in and says he’s not saying anything. The nurse checks him and says he’s gone. She tried to light the diya but was unable to do so.

With a plate in his hand, an old man approaches Manmeet, and says, “Are you som?” He puts Ganga Jal and Tulsi in his mouth for peace of mind, gives the plate to him and walks away. He joins his hands and prays to God, saying these Tulsi and Ganga Jal are from Meet, he is just a medium, please accept them and give Moksha to Papaji. The diya is finally lit by Meet. Meet’s photo was on Manmeet’s phone and he kept it beside Raj

I need to talk to Jasodha about Manmeet, he spent 24 years away from you, and on the outside, he seems tough, but on the inside he is soft. When everyone goes to sleep, he checks on everyone and then listens to your recorded lullaby before going to sleep. In order for you to take good care of him and give her a tape recorder, I am telling you this. Ritual performed by Manmeet.

I love my mom and dad the same way Meet does, Sarkar also loves you, he fought for his family to throw me out of this house. Jasodha was in tears. Meet walks away. Guwahati and Shagun are sitting together in a common area. They see Meet walking with her luggage. Shagun tells Gunwanti that finally Manmeet did it, and she is leaving. Gunwanti agrees.

With luggage, Narendra and Sapna see Meet. Sapna says she prays to God to have a girl and she will be known as you. When Anuja approaches Meet, she says you have taught us a new way to live life, that being a girl is not a barrier to success. Besides Meghna, Sapna and Anuja also join them in hugging her.

I promise you Papaji that I won’t tell Meet anything until I find her a perfect match. I’ll take good care of her.

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