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Meet and Manmeet are in their room. Manmeet is sleeping, and Meet approaches him, saying, “You know, when you were dancing today, you were so happy.” She gets closer to him, and Manmeet wakes up. They spend some romantic time together, but suddenly, their lockets get tangled. Manmeet shouts, worried about getting a heart attack and tells Meet that if someone sees them in this position, they need to come up with an explanation quickly.

Meet assures him that she’s trying her best. Just then, Sarkar calls Manmeet, and they panic, realizing that he’s coming. Meet suggests that they hide under the blanket, and they do so just in time before Sarkar enters the room. Sarkar notices them and asks what they’re doing. Manmeet comes up with an excuse, saying that Guruji told him to stay under the blanket during the evening to ward off negativity. Sarkar points out that it’s midnight, but Manmeet tries to dismiss his concerns.

Sarkar advises Manmeet to let go of his tensions and gives him some documents to hand over to Meet, suggesting that she should leave and start a factory to earn money, thereby fulfilling Raj’s promise. Manmeet agrees and Sarkar leaves. Manmeet asks Meet to untangle their lockets, but she’s having difficulty. Jasodha calls Meet, and Manmeet urges her to do it quickly. Meet struggles with unhooking her mangalsutra and asks Manmeet to help her, but he ends up taking off her mangalsutra and asks her to leave. Meet requests him to return her mangalsutra when she comes back.

Meanwhile, Meghna is searching for an empty room to make a phone call. She calls Nitin and apologizes to him for the misunderstanding. Nitin claims not to recognize her at first, but after Meghna reminds him of their encounter, he forgives her. Nitin advises her to consider whether it’s essential for her to apologize to a stranger, as her family members might not react well if they find out. Meghna acknowledges this and hangs up. Nitin makes another call, stating that Meghna has apologized to him and that it will be easy for him to trap her.

Everyone is busy celebrating Baisakhi. Jasodha explains the ritual of Baisakhi, where every daughter-in-law prays for her husband’s long life by performing the rituals of lighting a lamp and offering mangalsutra. Gunwanti brings her mangalsutra close to the lamp and seeks blessings. Meet realizes that her mangalsutra is in her room. Jasodha asks to Meet about her mangalsutra, and Shagun enters the puja room, criticizing Meet for not being able to handle her mangalsutra. Jasodha reprimands Meet, and Meet realizes that she needs to retrieve her mangalsutra from her room before the lamp goes out, as it would be considered a bad omen.

Meet rushes back to her room, while Shagun recalls Manmeet taking Meet’s mangalsutra and enters the room. Manmeet tries to explain, but Shagun assures him that she understands, claiming that she trusts him. She untangles the mangalsutra and asks him to go back to bed. Manmeet falls asleep, and Shagun takes the mangalsutra with her. Meet returns to the room and sees Manmeet sleeping. She decides to retrieve her mangalsutra the next morning.

As Meet walks back to her room, Shagun stops her and warns her that she will make her lose her husband as well, claiming that Meet is trying to sabotage her love. Meet responds that it’s about her husband’s long life and challenges Shagun to see if Manmeet will give her back the mangalsutra before the lamp goes out. Shagun taunts her, saying that it’s only possible if Meet knows the location of the mangalsutra, but Meet suggests that Shagun will take her there just like she helped her locate evidence. Shagun dismisses the idea, and Meet walks away. In her room, Shagun hides the mangalsutra inside her mattress and sews the cover to conceal it, thinking that Meet won’t return to her room.

Meghna approaches Meet and informs her that they have searched everywhere but couldn’t find the mangalsutra. Meet realizes that they need to find it before the lamp goes out, as it’s crucial for Manmeet’s long life and Jasodha’s promise. Sapna looks under the sofa and finds a simple pearl mala, but it’s not the mangalsutra. Meet suggests that she has an idea to make Shagun reveal the location of the mangalsutra. Meet and Meghna walk towards the puja room and Meet loudly announces that she’s lucky to have found her mangalsutra and that she’s waiting for Manmeet until evening. Shagun overhears and asks where she found it. Meet responds that she found it where Shagun hid it and mocks her. However, Shagun misunderstands and thinks that Meet has found a different necklace.


Panditji states that Jasodha wants to perform a havan for Manmeet’s safety on the occasion of Baisakhi. Sarkar suggests that Shagun should sit beside Manmeet for the aarti. Panditji explains that only a husband’s wife can sit beside him during the puja, so Meet will sit beside Manmeet, not Shagun. Meet tells Shagun that society doesn’t accept such relationships, and Shagun responds that they will see about that tomorrow.

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