Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th June 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Worldofentertainment.in

Kiara becomes anxious upon seeing Sahiba at the hospital. Sahiba asks if she came for a pregnancy test. Kiara angrily states that it’s none of Sahiba’s business and demands she stay out of it. Sahiba takes her aside and assures her that she won’t reveal anything to anyone. She asks Kiara about the boy involved, but Kiara remains silent. Sahiba acknowledges Kiara’s fear and promises to stand by her unquestionably, no matter the cost. Kiara eventually reveals that she is in love with her classmate Jatin, who loves her back and wants to marry her. Sahiba inquires whether Kiara has informed Jasleen or anyone else about their relationship, to which Kiara replies in the negative. Sahiba suggests using her own name for the test since she is married. When the nurse asks for Kiara’s name, she provides Sahiba Kaur Brar and proceeds with the test.

Angad, along with Veer, meets Keerat and explains the true sequence of events. Keerat already knows the details, as their family members do not hide anything from one another. Angad clarifies that his intentions were good and he wanted to help Veer, but he didn’t anticipate such a disastrous outcome. Keerat shares that her father used to design jewellery at the shop, as he is an artisan, but when he was falsely accused of stealing by his boss, he had to start a food stall. Sahiba, on the other hand, has always had a passion for art, and losing their shop has been a significant blow. Angad admits that Sahiba is still angry with him, and he desires to make amends. He suggests to Veer that they should visit Sahiba’s burned shop on their way home.

Manveer informs Akaal that she has arranged a langar/feast at the gurudwara in Angad’s name for tonight. Seerat serves tea to the family. Jasleen comments that Seerat has taken a similar oath, and therefore, Seerat and Garry will be in charge of arranging the langar. Manveer asks Jasleen to stop acting as a manager for her daughter-in-law and always advocating for her son and daughter-in-law, as they all know her true intentions. She walks away, informing Akaal that she has already informed Paatji about the arrangements.

Hansraj taunts that Manveer now despises both Sahiba and Seerat and wouldn’t have disliked Seerat if she had married Angad. Akaal dismisses his remarks, stating that only a jobless and useless person like him can think in such a nonsensical manner. Japjyoth reminds Hansraj that Akaal had already warned him not to dwell on the past. However, Hansraj continues with his taunts. Seerat returns to her room and finds Garry there. Garry asks if she is surprised to see her jobless husband in the room. Seerat informs him that she spoke to Angad about involving him back in the family business, and Angad promised to discuss it with Akaal. Garry becomes furious and humiliates her in a harsh manner.

Sahiba visits her shop with Ajith and feels disheartened upon witnessing its condition. Angad, accompanied by Keerat and Veer, arrives there. Ajith expresses gratitude to Angad for saving Sahiba’s life. Angad reminds Sahiba of an incident where she attempted to slap him, and he held her hand. He requests Sahiba to slap him now to vent her frustration, promising not to stop her. Sahiba raises her hand as if to slap him but stops. Angad tightly hugs her and provides comfort while she breaks down.


Virat informs Satya that he had already proposed to Sai openly, but she rejected his proposal then and is certain to reject it now. Sai states that she learned from Virat that love holds no value when compared to responsibilities. A flower falls on her, catching Virat’s attention.



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